Melanie Fiona Previews New Song ‘Cold Piece’

Cold Piece

Melanie Fiona has been back in the lab recording a follow-up to The MF Life. The Canadian songstress shares some footage from a recent studio session of her recording a song called “Cold Piece,” and previews 30 seconds of the raw track.

“And now my summers feel like winter/ And all I’m left with are these splintered memories/ I never dreamed you’d leave/ Oh how so very silly of me/ I just can’t believe how someone could be such a cold piece of work at heart,” she sings.

Melanie will open for Beyoncé during her L.A. show at Staples Center for the BET Experience on Friday.

Watch her record “Cold Piece” below.

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  1. TrickDaddy/D-Train

    Love LOVE….so underrated. sexy as hell


  2. whit

    love it!


  3. America Most Wanted



  4. Queenly

    Girl just release the song.


  5. iAmJamesAl

    This sounds great… It just needs that J. Cole feature!!!


    Grace Reply:

    @iAmJamesAl, Yes sir!!


  6. Bx

    Now that is work and dedication


  7. D to the R down to the J

    her & J cole would be dope on this song and she did pretty Good


  8. Kyle

    YES! YES! YES! I am so excited for some new music from her!


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