New Music: Big Sean f/ Lil Wayne & Jhené Aiko – ‘Beware’


Big Sean provides a cautionary love tale on “Beware,” the long-awaited first single off his sophomore album Hall of Fame. The G.O.O.D. Music MC grabs a verse from Lil Wayne and a hook from Jhené Aiko on the KeY Wane production.

“You should beware of a woman with a broken heart,” sing Sean and Jhené over the subdued beat.

Hall of Fame is due August 27 featuring Nas, Miguel, and possibly even Eminem and Adele.

The song is now available on iTunes. Stream it below.

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  1. Michael Jacobs

    Wasn’t Guap the first single? Then Switch Up just a promo but still on the album.


    Kwayyzee Reply:

    @Michael Jacobs, yes. idk if its on the album tho.


    Christopher M. Moore Reply:

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    JHP Reply:

    @Michael Jacobs, Guap and Switch Up both charted poorly and didn’t really do what he or the label would have wanted them to. I’m guessing neither of those songs will be on the album, and if they are, they’ll just be bonus tracks. Anyway I f*ck with this record, but I don’t think this is gonna be the big radio single he wants it to be either. It definitely won’t be another My Last, Marvin & Chardonnay, or Ass. I hope I’m wrong, I really do want to see him succeed, and I definitely don’t want another push back on the album.


    NIKOLAS Reply:

    @JHP, agree, I still think he wasted “24 karats of gold” by putting it on the mixtape, that song SHUDA been promoted as a first single 100% “GUAP” was a good pop song but even now i STILL scratch my head tryna figure out why it flopped. “switch up” wuda made “Top 10 rap billboards” (which lets face it, you need to hit to convince the label to release the album) – had he put another feature on it RATHER then Common, don’t me wrong Common is my n***a, but he simply doesn’t chart anymore.

    (P.S: Jhene Aiko sounds EXACTLY like Cassie!!!!!!


    Maribel F. McGarry Reply:

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  2. Kwayyzee

    feeling this!!! maybe not as a single tho.


  3. Zave

    Drake, that you?? LMAOOO I like it tho…


    iL0Veee__ Reply:

    @Zave, Ayo you made me day …. that was decent i actually gave me a soothing vibe which i like … i would have done without Wayne all this nigga talk about pussy being bald or hair


  4. ewr

    first single lmao wooooww. yall did the men in black flashy thing or what


  5. MCA

    hmmmm, its cool


  6. Michael Jacobs

    But really, this sounds exactly like the song with aiko off detroit, im gonna be. Still good, but good lord switch up a little sean.


  7. King Dro

    yeaa boii most artists aint comin with the real singles these days. I’d fuck with radio with this playin


  8. MotownClown

    This song is real, tells a story and its dope as hell! I would expect nothing less from Sean. WAYNE should NOT have been on here though. I expected more from his verse, but he is on there to get radio play so I understand…i guess


  9. Jonathan

    I’m not trying to be negative but lets be honest ya’ll, this will flop! In my opinion, Big Sean isn’t that significant and really not needed in music like just saying!


  10. Slaymar Braxton

    Big Sean is irrelevant!!!!!


    Girl Bye Reply:

    @Slaymar Braxton, Just like that muppet, Tamar Braxton!


  11. Issac

    It’s okay …. I mean, Jhene has a nice voice and brings the song to life a lil bit but very forgettable. I’m sure I’ll go to bed right now and wake up forgeting that Big Sean has a single out. He’s is getting hella basic, though …


  12. ewr

    a song being “real” whatever that means these days, does not make it a good song by defualt


  13. Nicki Minaj have a lil sister 5 year old d to the R down to the J

    HE MAYBE GOING THROUGHT A F UP BREAK UP nice song F That shittttttttttttttttttttt


  14. Quest

    Weak first single tbh


  15. Spazz

    I like it. Not what I was expecting from Big Sean.


  16. JimmyConwayII

    It’s good; but dunno about it being a single. Guap was a better first single tbh.


  17. JimmyConwayII

    I know Big sean is a cheesy artist but this hella corny. Still good though lol


  18. Rechee

    What you guys mean! This is a hit!


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  20. Abdullah

    its awesome thnx sean


  21. BAWSE

    wasn’t what i was expecting but its kool


  22. Miszi

    Much better than the other two songs that were supposed to be on Hall of Fame. I love this type of songs from him. It might not be as catchy as My last or Marvin Gaye and Chardonay but it’s definately a decent single.


  23. Janair Everette

    He shudv had never sung at the same time over jhene’s voice. but it’s aiight.


  24. channel_ROMAN

    When artist release Break up songs it’s an automatic win.


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