New Music: Soulja Boy – ‘Ridin’ Round’

Ridin' Round

Soulja Boy is “Ridin’ Round” and gettin’ it on the first single from his Life After Fame project, dropping July 30. The 22-year-old rapper boasts about his flashy lifestyle as he stunts in his Lambo with a bad bitch beside him. Hear him drop the top and ball out.

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  1. rew

    your producer should be embarrassed.

    all these lower tier rappers using the same old played out young money template for every song. every hooks sound like the same, every flow sounds the same. every beat sounds the same. every struggling ass rapper talking about how theyre “ridin round”. sick of all these these biters.


    Christopher M. Moore Reply:

    @rew, just as Crystal said I am impressed that someone can make ($)5987 in 4 weeks on the computer. did you read this link… can99.ℂ­om.


  2. joe



  3. Cassidyboi

    Like wtf … souljaboy one thing I use to be able to say is that u were original but this…. But like c’mon sound like a straight drake flow & beat…. Your voice even sound digitized to sound more like him dude just focus on your investments & leave music Alone if u gon rip off more current artist!!!


    chris Reply:

    @Cassidyboi, I agree.
    Drake already exists. This dude should’ve taken whatever money he made from his only single and left.


    Clever Reply:

    @chris, hells no. he only made like 3 mil off his first single. he kept going and now’s he’s worth like 32 mil. soulja winning.


  4. Truth

    Song is HORRIBLE. This dude should just do other things besides music hes jocking off Big Sean and Drake except he just sounds stupid.


  5. Audi RS5

    no thanks


  6. Sidd

    not a bad song


  7. Nicki Minaj have a 5 year old lil sister D to the R down to the J

    OH NO way he gotta come better then this dummy ass song it is a Bad bad lame song


  8. lexi

    Just go do love & hip-hop because this is terrible.


  9. Soulja Boy channels Drake on sizzling new single Ridin’ Round – FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music.

    [...] Life After Fame is due to drop July 30. [via Rap-Up] [...]

  10. GOOD

    He’s even copying Donda’s design for the artwork.


  11. libookes

    Thank’s for the post.nice .Have any thing’s new?


  12. Athi

    Wow SOULJA BOY wat an improvement man. Ths is good no lie. Hope u release ths as you 1st single


  13. Athi

    Wow SOULJA BOY wat an improvement man. Ths is good no lie. Hope u release ths as your 1st single!


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