New Music: Angel Haze – ‘Initiation’

Angel Haze

Angel Haze goes against her label’s wishes and shares an outtake from her Dirty Gold recording sessions.

“Gonna give you guys something I recorded in January. That didn’t make the album. The vocals are raw. So fuck with me on time,” she tweeted.

She informed her fans that “No Bueno” will not be the first single off Dirty Gold. “No Bueno wasn’t the first single guys. It’s just something I put out for you. The first single is calleddddd _ _ _er _ _ h_l_ _ n.”

While we await the new single, listen to Angel’s “Initiation” below.

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  1. Nicky

    Azealia Banks is better


    iL0Veee__ Reply:

    @Nicky, Their is no comparing them two its. Azealia Banks raps but no one can understand what she is say ( all we like is how her flow fits on the beat)
    Angel you can actually understand what she is saying (I like the song 1st song from her that i actually like )


    Maribel F. McGarry Reply:

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  2. BowDownToBey

    Just beacuse no bueno flopped now its being put aside



    Azealia Banks is indeed better, and that’s my rival. Hell, she’s all of our rivals. We keep putting out singles and tunes to compete with her, playing catch up.


    ree Reply:

    @IGGY AZALEA, lmao


  4. k

    beat sounds similar to saxon.


  5. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    No Bueno >>>>>>>>>


    RihNaj Reply:

    @♪►Muzzac◄♪, Agree, but this is dope too!


  6. OnlyOne

    this is The Weeknd – Initiation


  7. Miss America



  8. Angel Haze - Initiation [Download]

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  9. wanna

    I wanna take the type of pics Angel Haze is taking in the photo for this article. Anyone know what type of camera to use?


  10. Blue21 Party (he ain't Ready)

    I won’t be abler to hear it cause it don’t work


  11. mumi

    Azealia will eat you up.


  12. Bri&AngelSlay

    I Love Angel she Slays and i Like Azealia too i will be Buying both of thier Albums Angel is Good and Azealia is Fresh


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