New Music: Machine Gun Kelly – ‘Black Flag’ [Mixtape]

Black Flag

Machine Gun Kelly raises the Black Flag on his new mixtape. The Cleveland rapper calls on Pusha T, Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, and his own EST crew for the 14 tracks.

The material features a hungrier MGK. “I felt like I nearly got dropped from my label and felt this hunger that I hadn’t had in a long time, and I just put it in words,” he told Rap-Up TV. “I felt like I wasn’t a problem in the game yet, and now I feel like, ‘God damn.’ I’m so fu*king stoked on this tape.”

Lace up Kells’ new mixtape below.

Download: Machine Gun Kelly – Black Flag

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  1. Ira

    I usually don’t like a lot of “Rap” music this days because its not real anymore. But I love MGK because he is one of the realest rapper that we have had in a long time.


  2. AA

    this is trash


    Logan Reply:

    @AA, you a bitch you probably a hater lol


    Precious Reply:

    @Logan, who tf ever that is IS A HATER!!!!! Mgk , is the best and realest out here. Stfu and ltfu


  3. nate

    Black Flag is the movement!!!!!! 5 stars!


    rew Reply:

    you said nothing about the music though lol


  4. valerie

    this mixtape is AMAZING. so good. had no idea mgk was such a solid rapper.


  5. Caz

    This is just lame. Dude needs to chill.


  6. shithawk

    fuck this faggot.


  7. dylan

    holy shit MGK goes to hard on this album… honestly I will be a fan till death and he is a huge inspiration and one of the realist rap artist out right now… LDFU


  8. Blue21 Party (he ain't Ready)

    What in the jack maybe his album won’t do so well


  9. Logan

    This was one of his best albums it seemed like he put the most effort into this album


  10. Precious

    Mgk is one ah the best and realest out here , stop hating, be real stfu and ltfu bitches(.


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