Miley Cyrus Performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and ‘GMA’

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus shut down Hollywood for her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday night. After overcoming laryngitis earlier in the week, the pop star turned the stage into her living room while performing her Mike WiLL Made It-produced single “We Can’t Stop.” She also brought out for their collaboration “Fall Down” off his album #willpower.

Before hitting the stage, she sat down for an interview to discuss her edgy video for “We Can’t Stop.” “It’s inspired by true events,” said Miley while explaining various scenes.

The next morning, she flew across the country to do it all again on “Good Morning America.” Perched high above Times Square, she woke up NYC with the Black Eyed Peas frontman and her booty-shaking dancers.

Watch Miley bring her party to the stage.

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  1. Kate



    RihNaj Reply:

    @Kate, LOL ikr!!


  2. okay

    … why is she here?


  3. AA

    i love the new miley


  4. Kam

    She looks really uncomfortable. You can tell she has no real feeling in this image.


  5. Kyle

    She just needs to re-evaluate this whole new image because she looks like a complete tool. The performance of “We Can’t Stop” was terrible. Her and her dancers should be embarrassed.


  6. music junkie

    i like the new rachet Miley . she to cute . & her vocals have gotten better even tho she was sick . im looking forward to her new shxtt . her performance was good ‘ haters will hate . y’all think its room for only one ‘ bad girl ‘ . Miley is actually talented , the fact that the girl is 20 nd is already worth 100mill & still wants to entertain amazes me


  7. coolchick

    that was good!!


  8. wackkk

    R Woww. Terrible!!


  9. Sean

    Much better on GMA. She was a little flat on the Kimmel stage.


  10. Miriam

    I love her new style


  11. Fa

    she has no idea what she is doing.
    Can’t even stand in those shoes.
    Todays generation has Rihanna and Miley!


  12. LaMont

    I liked her Jimmy Kimmel performance better than her GMA performance. I never realized how skinny she is. She needs to gain some weight!


  13. Wow

    She’s trying way to hard to fit in and it shows. Yes, some people do like her, but to many people she’s a joke. SMH. I would probably respect her more if she just sang pop songs. Maybe even R&B style songs, but this? No.


  14. WOW!!

    She looks like the female version of Justin Bieber!! Now we have and idea what he looked like as a female. Before the sex change.. LOL


  15. Blue21 Party (he ain't Ready)

    she still gonna be singing this song by the time she 21-30 something year old. Nice performance I bet she would be dressing like that in her 50′s or 60′s or after she get married that if it happen OH well that’s on her


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