Trey Songz Honored by Recording Academy

Trey Songz and mother

Trey Songz celebrated a career milestone when he was honored at the New York Chapter Recording Academy Honors 2013 earlier this week. His proud mother looked on as he was presented with his award by manager and mentor Kevin Liles, while Ne-Yo saluted him with a cover of “Can’t Be Friends.”

“Stood amongst legends tonight. Truly grateful,” tweeted a humble Trey, who joined fellow honorees Valerie Simpson and Melissa Etheridge at the VIP reception.

Next up, Trey will perform at the Essence Music Festival over the Fourth of July weekend and will star in the upcoming romantic comedy Baggage Claim.

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  1. Jaa

    Why? when was his last big hit. that song heartbreak was mediocre.


    ken Reply:

    @Jaa, the song is called “heart attack”. if you’re going to be negative, get you facts straight, first


    hi Reply:

    @Jaa, he wasn’t honoured for music. it was for his efforts in the community


  2. Hector

    Too easy.


  3. Chile Boo!

    And this is the fucking problem with the damn academy. They hand out awards to celebrities like candy to children. There is nothing that Trey has done in his mediocre ass career that justifies this bullshit. SMH


    FlySly Reply:

    @Chile Boo!, agreed


  4. tw

    I’m not hater but… for what? Holy shit. This hasn’t hasnt made anything worth awarding by any stretch of the imagination. especially not recently. all he sings about is popping bottles and models. This is hilarious



    Congratulations go out to him.


  6. C.V.

    Trey deserves everything he is blessed with…. He is a really hard worker that aims to please, screw all the Songz haters out there!


  7. Sonya

    Congrads Trey!!! You deserve it. Trey does a lot of positive things for the community. This isn’t a song award although he does deserve an award for some of his songs. This award was given to him because he has given back to his community.


    fr Reply:

    @Sonya, okay that makes more sense, and that i can respect. cause his music, with all due respect, is nothing to celebrate beyond that of the average


  8. s.w.

    Ya’ll can be negative all you want, but what’s important is the people that make these decisions saw his talent for what it is. No he doesn’t have platinum albums and hell of awards, but his work ethic and dedication to his craft says enough.


  9. s.w.

    Congrats Trey… Finally your talent is being recognized.


  10. Thecool

    I am no hater but how……..


  11. dmoney

    Im seriously not a hater but just like everybody else im kind of confused why hes getting award??? he hasnt done anything award worthy,. but congrats to him anyways


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  13. TSpaz

    Not saying he doesn’t deserve the honor, but I think its still a little early in his career. These honors should go out to people who have had a least 15 years in the business.


  14. Blue21 Party (he ain't Ready)

    Congrations to Trey songz


  15. luvsmesumTrey

    Congrats Trigga u deserve this…JOB WELL DONE…We know what u do nuff said


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