Wale Presents ‘The Gifted: Documentary’


With his new album in stores, Wale shares his journey to The Gifted in a new documentary for Diddy’s network, Revolt TV. In the 30-minute film, the “Bad” rapper opens up about the blessings and struggles, turmoil and triumph that led him to where he is today, with commentary from those who know him best including Rick Ross.

Learn more about MMG’s most poetic MC through his inspiring story.

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  1. Ciara QUEEN Harris

    He is bullshit


    Queenly Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, this coming from a Ciara stan? I’d keep it cute if I were you…..


    x Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, lol


    Will Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, Eat Shit, Wale is THE Shit!!


  2. Adisa

    Wale is gifted! May the haters stay insignificant…amen. The new album is VERY SPECIAL. I love it :)


  3. MMG-Suede

    Great documentary, please watch with an open mind and enjoy. #MMG


  4. Blue21 Party (he ain't Ready)

    Too bad that he removed Tiara Thomas off his bad song then did a remix with Rihanna who add a lit word on the remix sing the same hook as Tiara Thomas and Tiara Thomas single 4Dollar bill isn’t doing too well. Nice documentary on Wale


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