Kendrick Lamar Performs with Erykah Badu at BET Awards

Erykah Badu and Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar missed accepting his award for Best New Artist so he could hit the stage to perform at the BET Awards. He opened with “M.A.A.D. City” and then brought out Erykah Badu to duet on his hit “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.” The two walked hand-in-hand off stage after their soulful set.

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  1. Above Par

    I will say nothing bad about the Queen Badoula Oblongota…

    Only that her booty don;t lie.


  2. Sheneneh Jenkins

    I can see it now, Winter 2013 Rap-Up making a post entitled “Kendrick Lamar expecting first child with Erykah Badu” smh


  3. look

    Imagine how many girls in the audience with a fake booty felt when Ms Badu walked out struttin that real ass lol


  4. deeJay

    Love Eyrkah, but I can’t really understand Kendrick. Erykah ad-libs are greats and usually.


  5. Ewan

    She’ll be pregnant by him soon.


  6. D. kellz

    Loved Kendrick performance and being from Compton, Ca I’m proud to see him make it big. Major blessing for him and always so humble. I say to anybody follow your dreams in life and God will provide. But great great performance!!


  7. Mike

    Erykah gots nice ass by the way :D


  8. Gyary

    Badu’s vocals were on-point!


  9. Cotton

    Lovely performance. What’s with the holding hands at the end, tho? Read Common’s book before you fall Kendrick!!


  10. pinoy

    Wait a minute an intellectual rapper K.Dot added with the always powerful black woman soul singer Badou on BET?!!

    This must mean real music is coming back!!!


  11. MerLOver

    dear Kendrik…. i know,this was your dream, your wish… it came true.. and now let it be true.. you are in danger-let this behind you as a wish that came true and continue doing your thing that made you so special and strong.. There are people who seem to be soo wonderfull and so perfect and they looove to be seen this way… and when the real them would come out, they gonna leave you for the next one who at the time gets the right attention, just to get attention themselves… they would leave you in the thought about them to be best you ever had.. and nobody else seems to be able to top it.. to be good enough for you.. this will mash up every person who is gonna try to ever give you love.. and it ist gonna mash you up cause you can not anymore be satisfied. Trust those people who tell you to stay away… they want to protect you from someone who will always wear the mask of your angel…..


  12. Ebony

    Erykah Badu Is real music and real artist love her and appreciate her. Only fake fad music lovers dont know about her


  13. Star

    that bitch is old with a fake booty


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