Rita Ora Goes Topless for British GQ

Rita Ora

Rita Ora is baring all for the British edition of GQ. The blonde bombshell strips down for the August 2013 issue, covering her breasts with her arms and pouting her red lips as she strikes a sultry pose.

In the issue, which hits newsstands on July 4, Rita discusses celebrity dating, her Kosovan homecoming, and the ugly side of fame.

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  1. Angieb2b

    This look so… Amateurish. Where’s Rihanna and Naomi when you need a magazine to sell?


    Tevin Reply:

    @Angieb2b, I don’t think you can read. BRITISH, sweetheart. Do you think we take our performers for granted like you people? I know you were trying to be a comedian, but don’t quit your day job.


    Angieb2b Reply:

    @Tevin, wow, so from my comment you got that I couldn’t read British? By the way its English. #YourStruggleIsReal. Re-read the blog post and see the question at the end. #BOOM #FucYoComment #FucYoLife #GetAnEducation before you come for me. I make your whole life feel like #sh1t

    FYI…everyone knows she phucking for tracks and magazine covers.


    Aliciasahomewrecka Reply:

    @Tevin, you tried but failed. Lol how do you know the commenter is not from British.


  2. Grant

    She may not be the most beloved performer, but damn she’s a dime!


  3. liyah

    She looks good, but when I just feel like it seems that when all else doesn’t work, get naked.


  4. .

    Why are they trying to make
    her look like Bey?


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