Tamar Braxton Announces Album Release Date

Tamar Braxton

Now that her baby is here, Tamar Braxton is ready to deliver her album. The new mom has revealed the release date for Love and War.

The “Braxton Family Values” star stepped out during BET Awards weekend for the first time since giving birth to her son Logan last month.

While visiting the BET Awards Radio Room, she announced that her debut album will arrive on September 3 via Epic/Streamline. “I’m so excited about it. This is the album that I always wanted to make,” Tamar told Cleveland’s Z107.9. “It best describes Tamar as a person.”

The album has spawned the hit ballad “Love and War” and summertime single “The One,” which samples the Notorious B.I.G.

You can expect a diverse collection of songs including the ratchet club banger “Hot Sugar” and a slow jam entitled “Finally,” which she wrote about her husband, Vincent Herbert.

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  1. TayTay

    yessss hunty,bring it on!


  2. Ciara QUEEN Harris

    Damn she is ugly. Plastic surgery is not your friend


    tamartian op. Reply:

    None needed shes against it everyones face changes@Ciara QUEEN Harris,


    Gigi King Reply:

    @Ciara QUEEN Harris, I think this comment was disrespectful, I think she is beautiful, you on the other hand are delusional and are suffering from a multiple personality disorder, why are here if she makes you so uncomfortable, you really are a Tamaritan, lol.


  3. Hov

    LOL aint nobody checking for her washed up azz her time is up, certified flop


    Melody Reply:

    @Hov, DAMN! At least give her a chance! You don’t know the outcome of her album.


  4. thedon

    15-25k first week.


    Issa Reply:

    @thedon, That reach should’ve broken your arm.


  5. Anonymous

    I can’t wait! I love Tamar!


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  7. ms. dina

    i’ma get her album because i’ve been waiting 13 years for a follow-up to her debut; and the singles she has put out thus far, are good.


  8. tamartian op.

    For all who say she ugly well she just gave birth and ifu kno anything u gain weight everywhere her face is natural u prolly uglier


  9. Barbara Barber

    We love you Tae Tae!!!!!!!!



  10. Marcellus Safford

    Nice voice but no stage presence she don’t have the whole package a good singing voice don’t get you know where ask Jasmine Sullivan fantasia need I say more names.rihanna can’t sing but she on top of game.sorry its the truth


  11. Richard

    Ah yes, the misunderstood one! If she’d stop acting like a brat and get off the self pity egotistical wagon she’s on, one might find a personality under all that makeup. As it is, I don’t really like her – but gotta give credit where it’s due, she CAN sing and gives big sister Toni a run for her money. Classy production on both single releases (and they’ve charted) – hope she matures before she loses the fans she has. And release that damn album already~


  12. Gigi King

    Poor Richie, you are right she does have a Giant Ego and knows she can sing and knows a lot of people are jealous of her, but you have to admit she is funny as hell and full of drama on the BFV. Funny is a personality trait under and above her make up, its the siny layer, lol. September 3rd haters……


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