New Music: Azealia Banks f/ Pharrell – ‘ATM Jam’

#ATM Jam

After debuting the song at Glastonbury over the weekend, Azealia Banks premieres “ATM Jam,” the new single off her upcoming debut Broke With Expensive Taste. The Harlem rapper cooks up a catchy cut with some help from Pharrell, who also produced the song.

“I got racks, racks, racks to the ATM Jam, tell me what you wanna do,” sings The Neptunes producer over the twerking beat.

Listen to the radio rip below via Hot 97.

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  1. Jerry

    I don’t like Azealia Banks but this song is okay. She haven’t really put out any music to impress me but this song is cute


  2. Nick

    I’m feeling it… but it’s too short… but then again I’m gonna wait till she puts it out there


  3. Bk

    Azealia Banks has great potential to do something remarkable. But she’s trying too hard to be a bad b*tch, its distracting from her music and that in itself it affects her music.

    & I am a fan, basing my comments on the singles she’s released since 1991.


  4. channel_ROMAN

    Again, all production no pronunciation and dialect.


  5. Vukimili

    her voice sounds different from her other songs (i think)
    Idk, i really like her but her music isn’t memorable for me…. I wouldn’t think “Oh yeah i wanna listen to ATM Jam” when i’m listening to music


  6. channel_ROMAN

    Sounds like a another female rapper’s mixtape flow.


  7. jessicaadrags

    The overproduction and the messy lyrics. She is really not that talented if she wrote this song since early 2013 and it’s still shit.


  8. hmm

    I cannot understand the second verse at all…


    welp Reply:

    hahahahahahaha same here. not a single word was understood.


  9. Righteous



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  11. Righteous



  12. Holla@me

    Man I wished she spit more. I’m tired her doing short verses. Her 1991 EP and Fantasea mixtape proves she can. This is more like Pharrell f/ Azealia Banks. Love the song I just want more of her.



    @Holla@me, theres a third verse in the song. It was cut out because of the radio mixing. Thats why we hear a cut in the song. the song is longer than this



    This is the last verse

    Ayo P, Do that freaky Jam on the beat, iz you with that butter shit that, – that bonne vie? Did you divvy, did you double dig that? +

    That song sings- freaky deeky, whistle-wetter, slip that slit (that thong thing) !!

    Hyphy-cheeky-cheddar-checker, get her own cheese, that’s a chicken w/ her head off, that’s that bitch that won’t be with her+

    Official w/ that, w/ that whole steez! flighty-fleety-feather-witch that whip that long weave nigga!!!!


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @TIME GATE KEEPER, WTF is that?


  14. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Um…wdf? Do people hear their music before they release it…?


  15. KING B



  16. Supershot



  17. Kyle

    She hasn’t released anything to really rave about since “1991.” That EP was amazing but I feel since then her buzz has definitely died off.


  18. Hugh

    Samples Vincent Price’s laugh from Thriller


  19. yourboycelebrity

    Need to hear the full High Quality version!! So far it sounds hot.


  20. BAWSE

    this pretty decent !


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