New Music: Tinie Tempah f/ 2 Chainz – ‘Trampoline’

Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah brings his sound from across the pond and into the strip club on “Trampoline,” the first single off his sophomore album Demonstration. The British rapper keeps the booties poppin’ on the bouncy beat, and it’s only right that 2 Chainz blesses the track with a guest verse.

“I didn’t want to over-think the first single too much but I knew it had to be a transition between the first and the second album. I describe it as being like a climax,” said Tinie of the Diplo production, which mixes calypso, trap, dance, dancehall, and rap.

Watch the lyric video for Tinie’s twerk tune below.

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  1. ChriLaDa

    This sucks – Straight up!


  2. Skip

    Biting on A$$(Dance) by Big SEan


  3. Righteous

    Tinie needs to face up to the fact that he CANNOT control the mike….AT ALL!


    Righteous Reply:

    @Righteous, *mic*


  4. Wonderland19

    Sounds like a banger. Diplo killed that beat. I have a feeling that chorus will get REAL annoying after the 3rd listen tho lol.

    For me, i feel its gonna be really hard for him to break America as he hasn’t had any co-signs from influential people like Jay-Z, Wayne, Kanye etc. Futhermore, the singles he did release in America were pop not urban. Therefore, the urban crowd know nothing about this dude. Back here in London, we love him. As well as europe. He is still touring off an album 3 years ago. Thats amazing. It will be interesting how he plans to sell this album to an american market.


  5. MArcoPolo

    Nicki could have went in on this…and Azealia


  6. ewt

    lol even these british rappers are trying to rap like meek mill now? wtf lol wow rap is dead. is any one original anymore besides kanye?



    NEUTRON Reply:

    @ewt, Tinie has been rapping like this for years.


    sissy slim Reply:

    @ewt, j. cole@go listnen to born sinner


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