RaVaughn and Kiley Dean Cover Rihanna’s ‘Stay’

RaVaughn and Kiley Dean

It’s not easy to cover a major pop star’s song. But RaVaughn and Kiley Dean both took on the challenge with their remakes of “Stay.” The R&B singers coincidentally released videos of their acoustic covers on the same day.

RaVaughn, who is signed to Ne-Yo’s Compound University/Motown, strips down the Unapologetic hit and makes it her own as she performs with a guitarist.

Dean, who was previously signed to Timbaland, reminds listeners that she can still sing after years away from the spotlight.

“For the past 3 years, I’ve been working with other artists and neglecting my own career in the process,” said the “Make Me a Song” singer. “It wasn’t all bad because it allowed me to find my voice again!”

She is back in the studio recording and plans to release a new song/video every couple of weeks leading up to the release of her EP. “I picked out a handful of songs that touch me, and remade them,” she said.

Who sang it better? Watch both covers below and let us know which is your favorite.

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  1. cman

    Kiely Dean has still got it. Both covers are better than the original.


    divinebrown Reply:

    who is this kiley dean chick and why have i never heard of her??? the first cover i’ve heard that i think is better than the original #dope


    XO till we overdose... Reply:

    @cman, I was never a big Rihanna fan, but my personal opinion is that there are no covers out there that are better than the original. Something about the stripped down simple piano melody just gets me.
    Just my opinion though! These 2 girls are both extremely talented.


  2. Queenly

    I love Ravaughn. “Best Friend” is my favorite song right now!


  3. klgkh

    I think both ladies are great, this isnt really a song to judge vocal ability (its sooooooo simple & plain)— I know Kiley is a vocal powerhouse but you cant tell by this cover


  4. Ni

    Kiley had the best cover, Ravaughn version was pretty boring!



    I love me some Kiley Dean. Ugh I wish the general public did TOO!


  6. Mary

    Kiley can SANG


  7. MommieRios

    RaVaughn version by far was the best!!!


  8. Yeah

    I am sorry I love Ravaugn but This Kiley Dean who I have never heard of sounds AMAZING!


  9. Lisa

    I still think Rihanna’s version is the best. Love the SNL performance with the guitar.


  10. Nicole

    I think both covers are great, but I would have to say I am more impressed with RaVaughn’s, I mean she sang the song LIVE… and she sounds AMAZING. Not many people can do that!!


  11. patricia

    Both versions are beautiful – they don’t seem to be trying as hard as Rhianna. But the real talent is Mikky Ekko who wrote the song – simple and soulful.


  12. Gameial

    Kiley Dean knocks every cover see does out the ballpark. Her voice is pure bliss. She’s amazing


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