Video: Netta Brielle – ‘More to a Kiss’

Netta Brielle

Lips don’t lie. Netta Brielle loves beyond the physical in the Mike Ho-directed video for “More to a Kiss.” Signed to El Seven/Atlantic Records, the Bay Area singer channels her ’90s influences on the throwback R&B jam.

Netta’s mixtape, Will You Go With Me?, drops July 9 featuring four classic R&B covers and two original songs including “More to a Kiss.” She pays homage to some of the artists she grew up listening to including Janet Jackson, En Vogue, and Teena Marie, while giving listeners a taste of what they can expect from her forthcoming debut.

“More to a Kiss” is now available on iTunes. has your first look at the video below.

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  1. Queenly

    Smooth song but her name doesn’t roll off the tongue! She needs to change it.


  2. Young love

    Not bad, but nothing special.


  3. Essence

    I like her and I love that she can actually sing! She reminds me of 90s RandB artists!


  4. Ms.Lilly Renee

    I love this song and the video!!! Netta’s voice is soulful and smooth at the very same time.. I LOVE the fusion between CLASSIC R&B with an up to date personal touch… Keep up the AMAZING work.. I can’t WAIT until the rest of the mixtape drops…. Is it July 9th Yet??? argggh!!!! :D


  5. Raphelle Andrews

    Cant wait till the world fully gets a taste of what Netta brings!! This song is dope and a great blend of 90′s rnb mixed with whats now… no autotune just the real voice


  6. Jimmy

    The original by Wish is better.


    MRB Reply:

    @Jimmy, I agree 1000% Wish sung this song way better! Im a little disappointed by this!


  7. Tanya

    I’m so happy to have real talent representing the bay area! I like her version because I can feel raw emotion when she sings it, ppl should go leave comments of appreciation for those it’s intended in proper areas lol, kudos to Netta!!


  8. Courtney

    Hot song & video!


  9. Lucas



  10. R&BFan

    Maaaan, I almost forgot that young black females don’t have to sell ass in videos. Great video and great song she’s cute too! the video makes you want to be in love, like really in love. Thank you Netta Brielle for putting out an actual R&B song. I wish you the best. And never mind people who type their negativity into existence, haters make the blogs go round’. Plus in a minute you’ll be flying to high to hear them anyway. #bringingbackGOODblackmusic


    JRichell Reply:

    @R&BFan, I SOOOOO Agree with you!! =) Classic,R&B is BACK thru Netta Brielle!! This visual and song brings me to a time when love music pure. This video put a smile on my face! Kudos to you Netta B!! Keep doing your thing! We see you!!!


  11. Sammi Sosa

    THEY AINT READY!!!!!!THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!!!!! Netta got an invite, now she bout to bust the doors down….. TALENT! REPPING THE BAY VERY WELL!!!! GO BUTTER!!!!


  12. .

    She has AMAZING body. Damn…
    And I’m straight female


  13. Shutterfly19

    Really Nice!!! I just downloaded the song…can’t wait for more songs!! The Bay coming up!!


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