Ciara Visits ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and ‘Chelsea Lately’


Ciara got super turnt up during her late-night appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” During the performance, which was taped last month, she hit the outdoor stage in Hollywood to perform her hit single “Body Party.” After slowing it down, she busted out some fierce moves for the Nicki Minaj-assisted “I’m Out.”

She also appeared on “Chelsea Lately” the same evening. During her sit-down with the comedienne, she dished about going blonde, dancing for her boyfriend Future, and working with Nicki Minaj. She also taught Chelsea some phrases like “turn up” and “he reads.”

Next week, she will celebrate her album release with appearances on “106 & Park,” “Good Morning America, “Live with Kelly and Michael,” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

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  1. channel_ROMAN



  2. Wonderland19

    Ciara’s voice has really improved. ‘Body Party’ is one of Ciara best songs ever. Its this years sexy anthem. This years ‘Motivation’. Glad Ciara is back. I’m 70% sure i will buy the album.


    KING B Reply:

    @Wonderland19, please be %100 buy it! She deserves to win this time around!!


    molly Reply:

    @Wonderland19, I pre-ordered mine on she is so amazing she sends chills all over. Loving her outfits and everything all the way down to her choice of men.

    King Future and Queen Ciara – may they reign forever!!!!


    Oh Reply:

    @molly, You should’ve bought it on iTunes. Cdverse is an aggregate source.


    marie Reply:

    @Wonderland19, Her voice has already been super great. Have you ever danced with super human power and had to sing or talk out of breath with your lungs bursting with air? I’m so excited to see her just standing and putting all her emphasis on the slow songs with soul getting down, and then dancing on the dance numbers, showcasing all her talent.


  3. KING B

    She’s DOING IT!!! everyone go support her on July 9th she deserves it! Support a sister, there is barely urban music on the Billboard Charts!


    Kyle Reply:

    @KING B, Wale debuted at #1 this week, J. Cole sits at #2, and Kanye West is at #3 while India.Arie debuted at #7…so THERE IS URBAN MUSIC ON THE CHARTS. It’s just the fact that Ciara fans need to go out and support her and buy the record. I know I AM!!!


    vanessa Reply:

    @Kyle, I pre-ordered mine on


  4. Kyle

    Her promo hasn’t been this good since “The Evolution.” Seriously, her team is getting it right this time around. Her schedule for next week looks pretty jam packed. I can’t wait to buy this album at Target because it comes with 2 exclusive bonus tracks. YEEESS!!!


  5. You Thought It I Post It

    I’m sorry and you could say what you like to my comment but this is one of the reasons i fools with Rihanna! I want Ciara to win but she’s boring in her interviews! RiRi adds favour, spice and everything nice to her interviews! Maybe i’m reaching or sound like a hater but it is what it is!


    ArchBishopOprah Reply:

    @You Thought It I Post It, just because she doesnt talk about how drunk she gets or how much weed she smokes or even that tired ass cuchie pat Rihanna does, doesn’t mean she’s boring. And even if u claim she’s boring let he music speak for itself.


  6. Elisa Emerson

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  7. channel_ROMAN

    Her album leaked and I think it was decent. Good enough for a download but imma have to think if I want to spend actual money on her album tho!


  8. Sean

    Her team is doing it right this time around. I’m really impressed.

    As a performer, she’s improved LEAPS and BOUNDS. She kills Body Party & I’m Out. I think Ciara has carved out a nice niche for her between R&B, Hip Hop and Pop that works perfectly for her voice. The album takes what made her famous on Goodies and really expands on that sound. This album is full of great hooks, solid production and shows off her voice and personality beautifully.

    I really hope Epic releases Overdose, Read My Lips and Super Turnt Up as singles. I can see this album being a major turning point for Ciara’s career.

    Much love and respect. This girl is tenacious!


  9. bibi93



  10. Kevin Cordell

    I love you baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/9


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