Jay-Z Turns Up on ‘Tom Ford’

Jay-Z and Timbaland

In a matter of hours, Jay-Z will release his highly-anticipated album Magna Carta Holy Grail to Samsung Mobile devices. Before the 12 a.m. release, he breaks us off with one more preview for the song “Tom Ford,” named after the fashion designer.

“You gotta turn up on this one,” instructs Jay as Timbaland plays the rattling beat and Pharrell, Swizz Beatz, and Rick Rubin nod along.

He shared the lyrics via the Magna Carta app. “I don’t pop shit/ I rock Tom Ford/ International bring back the Concorde/ Numbers don’t lie check the scoreboard,” raps Hov.

Get a taste of “Tom Ford” and read the lyrics below.

Tom Ford

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  1. thedon

    HOV said ‘Turnt Up’ though lmao.. Can’t wait for the album!


    Heather M. Frye Reply:

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  2. Unk

    Timbo the king can’t wait to hear this and the rest of the album


  3. Kam

    I’m not here for Jay-z and I was a fan but this guy has been releasing the most shallowest lyrics with little to no substance.

    You call this man the king of rap for what? When his current sh*t is all about mindless superficial garbage.

    Got stacks, weaves, tweeting …rapping about twitter this is what rap has come to? I’m done.


    OVODRAKE Reply:

    @Kam, you aint here for jay z but you on a post thats about him ? smh stfu


    Kam Reply:

    @OVODRAKE, why don’t you line up and kiss my a*s you d*ck riding, punk. I don’t know who gave you a break from your day job of being on your knees with a d*ck in your mouth but you better resume your position.


  4. Yeezus Christ

    The God Mc Jay Hov


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    [...] Rap-Up.com || Jay-Z Turns Up on 'Tom Ford' [...]

  6. xp

    lol its actually i dont pop molly? not shit lol as well all should know by now


  7. D ham

    D ham. Dallas,Tx How much did Jay get paid for endorsing Tom Ford ???


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