Timbaland Calls ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ the ‘Best Jay-Z Album’


Timbaland unlocks the mystery behind Magna Carta Holy Grail. On the eve of the album’s limited release, the super-producer opens up to Revolt TV about working on Jay-Z’s album and his desire to produce Kanye West’s next project.

He reveals for the first time that he and Jay did not speak for a while. “Me and Jay fell out,” says Timbo, who explains it was over “petty” and personal stuff unrelated to the industry. But Timbo admits that he was wrong.

Before he started working on MCHG, he was working on Beyoncé’s album and did seven tracks for that.

He played Jay one beat that he loved and before they knew it, they were working on an album. “We didn’t plan it, it just happened. The energy was so great. It was two friends reuniting.”

Timbaland produced the majority of tracks, while Pharrell, Boi-1da, The-Dream, Mike WiLL Made It, and Travi$ Scott also made contributions.

The old Timbaland wouldn’t have wanted to share production credits, but the new Tim was able to put his ego aside. “Whatever’s gonna better the project, let’s do.”

He proclaimed, “This is the best Jay-Z album thus far… I told [Jay-Z], all The Blueprint albums, those were good, but this is your first big album for the new millennium.”

The first song they recorded was “Picasso” followed by “Holy Grail” and “Tom Ford,” which he describes as “lean music.”

“This is hip-hop at its finest,” says Timbo. “It’s gonna change hip-hop … Ya’ll gonna get in your car and be like, ‘This is a good ass album.’”

He loves Kanye West’s Yeezus (“What he just did was Rage Against the Machine in a black culture way”), but would love it even more if he could produce his next album.

“I think the beauty would be for me and him to do the album,” says Tim. “He should just concentrate on rapping and I just direct certain sounds and what to do. I keep it the same, but I’ma bring that bitch home.”

During the lengthy interview, he also says that was not offended when Kanye dissed Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie” and that he thinks Justin will sell 2 million copies of his next album, due September 30.

He gave J. Cole his stamp of approval. “J. Cole’s good, but you can’t listen to J. Cole like you listen to Kanye. J. Cole’s the next one in line, he’s great!”

And just when you think he’s said it all, he reveals that he was addicted to drugs. “One time in my career, I was addicted to Oxycontin. I was popping pills like that and God got his hands on me. My friends who work for me wrote me a letter, they came to me, and said, ‘Yo man, you need help.’ … I’m like, ‘Perfect. You really down for Tim,’ and I stopped just like that.”

Watch the full interview below.

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    I hate that i can’t listen to it first. im team iphone


    Gob1in Reply:

    @OVODRAKE, As if out of the million people getting access to it won’t upload tracks to YouTube. ;)


    Heather M. Frye Reply:

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    len1975 Reply:

    @OVODRAKE, Yes u can..I am team Iphone and someone sent me the link to download it!!!


  2. Gob1in

    Timbaland and Scott Storch need to get in the together again!


  3. Hmmmmm

    Timberland seems like that kid that is always with the cool kids but is an annoying looser. He hypes everything.


    mrsotw Reply:

    @Hmmmmm, BUT this “annoying looser” is a musical genius. #YOUMAD


    Audi RS5 Reply:

    @mrsotw, scott storch is better


  4. Grant

    Uhhhh….I highly doubt that. Reasonable Doubt is amazing, Timbo.


    len1975 Reply:

    @Grant, Amen!!!


  5. Unk

    Good interview he did 7 Beyonce records and pretty much MCHG can’t wait to listen to it.


  6. middlefinger

    Lol @8:20 that is exactly something Kanye would say lol


  7. Julian

    Mannnnn this album is CRAZY! I’ve listened to half of the tracks so far and it’s already better than Yeezus, Born Sinner and Gifted.


  8. Oh God Why

    PREACH TIMBO!!! Love you man, you are THE GENUIS! I dig the head space you are in. TIMBO AND KANYE album….PLEASE!!!!!! I WILL BUY 100 COPIES if that ever happens


  9. Ian

    This album does not touch reasonable doubt or the blueprint. There are some really good tracks but I feel the album would have been better had there been a variety in production. I feel that several songs sound so similar. This was his chance to do something really big but he just didn’t quite do that.


  10. Hugh

    Legend! Cant wait to get the album

    Timbo is producer of the Year: 20/20 1, MCHG, 20/20 2 + SV3?


  11. Audi RS5

    his 12th album is not his best, black album better than this and blueprint 1


  12. Liquorice

    So he did songs for Beyoncé? Ugh Beyoncé seriously need to hurry up with that album.


  13. croqque

    good interview. usual timbo hyperbole.


  14. len1975

    I am a Jay Z fan but Timb this is not his best work!!!


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