Video: Da Brat – ‘Is It Chu’

Da Brat

Da Brat comes back swinging with her new single “Is It Chu,” produced by Free Agentz. The So So Def rapper takes some shots and fires up the club with the dance-floor-ready record. But despite her new sound, she’s still the same Brat-tat-tat.

“I’m a pretty motherfucker with a lot of gangster and I will bust a cap in you,” she raps.

Da Brat has also re-launched her imprint Rare Breed, where she will release her future music. Watch the video below and get the song on iTunes.

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  1. Realistically



  2. Mrunhateable

    The first song was cool but the next track was W.A.F!! Wtf was she thinking? Everything was so amateur in that song.





  3. Nikki

    Thank you Brat!! So fine, so swag, yes indeed!


  4. gonewitchaglassleg

    I’m really starting to think all of the 90′s girls lost it(missy, eve, brat, kim, etc..). I’m a huge fan of all of them but everything any of them have put out(solo) in the past like 2 years has been SUPER WEAK! They’ve lost their touch and their struggling to find their place in this current age of music.. It’s sad.. S/O to Nicki, Azealia, and Iggy(the only ones doing it right)..


  5. Elisa Emerson

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  6. NO

    this shit is just so amateur . i aint even a nicki fan but she would eat brat, lyrically also. wdf is this shit? all these old female rappers really need stop with these combacks cos aint nobody wanna remember this :(


  7. dabrat

    the second part could be a club banger, she went ham on that track she did with diamond


  8. omfg



  9. omfg

    gosh how can yu be such a ratchet seriously is that a parody o she fo real


  10. eveO84

    love da brat


  11. yooo

    come on Da Brat…this shit is absolute garbage compared to her legacy. artists are forced to think about the money instead of the art nowadays. I’m literally speechless. This is the same chick on “Da B Side”, right?.

    Lets not get it twisted though. This might be a wack Da Brat song, but best believe she can spit. Nicki might be a GREAT businessman, but her artistry is lacking tremendously. The best verse she ever spit was on the monster track, and since then its been trash.


  12. sharon babyface fielder

    love your well. i holla…mmmmuuuuaaaahhhh.ok take care,love babyface


  13. sharon babyface fielder

    damn, dont we hate these hating ass,bitches ..brat its not garbarge,, you still th shit,so i holla take care,ok love babyface……


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