Video: Lupe Fiasco – ‘Lamborghini Angels,’ ‘ITAL (Roses),’ & ‘Audubon Ballroom’

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco is setting off his own fireworks this Fourth of July. The controversial rapper debuts the explosive video trilogy “#1234,” which consists of “Lamborghini Angels,” “ITAL (Roses),” and “Audubon Ballroom,” off last year’s album Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1.

In the 13-minute clip, directed by Alex Nazari, Lupe tackles social, political, and racial issues. Children are seen watching television as images of guns, drugs, and fast food flash across the screen.

In one scene, a conservative, executive, grandmother, priest, and KKK member sit down at a conference table to meet, but it quickly turns ugly. And in the shocking conclusion, Lupe pulls up a white hood to reveal himself.

“These are the best videos I’ve ever made. Kinda..,” tweeted Lupe.

Watch the provocative visuals below.

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  1. lala

    This is why media literacy has to be advocated in our communities. This video was brilliant, transparent, visually captivating!

    The real revolution that is being interpreted in hip hop music, is not to be mistaken for the counterfeit revolutionary messages of Kanye’s West’s new album. He is a walking contradiction. I hope Chicago realizes Lupe is THE ONE, I hope the culture knows he is THE ONE.

    Lets talk about it, white, black, cops, drones, education, lets talk about it!



    Ricky Reply:

    @lala, You nailed it. Couldn’t have summed it up better. Counterfeit rapper is exactly what Kanye is, wasn’t always. People actually think he’s got some inspirational message with his new album. Even the name of his album “Yeezus” is so egocentric.


    Robert S. Sanford Reply:

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  2. lala

    The board room scene though?

    wosshhhh!! Amazing, do you get it? I feel I would type too much.


  3. henrv

    great work! love the songs (always loved lupe)


  4. Jon.K

    Such poignant images here. Great work from Lupe and the F.n.F family.
    I only wish it was more than a video.


  5. TheDreamer_0820

    Amazing visuals. I love the message.


  6. Glen

    Love all 3 videos. Something different.


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  8. Dre

    Sadly this beauty is not being viewed by Mainstream America


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