Nicki Minaj Celebrates Fourth of July at Myx Fusions Boat Party

ScaffBeezy, Nicki Minaj, and Mona Scott-Young

Nicki Minaj filled a boat with Barbz and sailed down the Hudson River to celebrate the launch of her new beverage, Myx Fusions. Fans and friends including Busta Rhymes and ScaffBeezy boarded the yacht at Pier 59 for the all-white-themed “Myx & Mingle Cruise” in New York on Thursday.

Following an introduction from her business partner Mona Scott-Young, Nicki got on the mic and joked with the crowd. “Ladies, I don’t know if you realize, but once you drink Myx, a lot of things start flowing in your body,” she said of the moscato wine. “It kinda gives you a real good, nice feeling.”

Guests popped blue bottles of Myx and enjoyed dancehall music during the evening, which concluded with a fireworks spectacular.

At one point, the captain told guests to move to the right side of the boat because it was leaning to the left. “We don’t want to sink!” screamed Nicki.

They raffled off gift bags, which included her pink Pill speaker, Pink Friday fragrance, and Myx.

“I’m so honored that you guys chose to spend Fourth of July with us,” she said.

You can now follow Nicki on Instagram @AllPinkBarbieDreamHouse.

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  1. Os

    She looks good,they all was having mad fun that,s the way it should be,she doing her thing.


    Pauline F. Griffin Reply:

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  2. nicko

    It feels so gd to see Nicki having fun n promoting her drink :’) TEAMMINAJ


  3. iLoveee__

    I’ve Notice that Nicki Minaj is Never at other celebrities party, and like she is never hanging with other people besides Her Hype Man …
    She should stop wearing those hats there are very (indescribable)


    ,. Reply:

    @iLoveee__,what are you talking about,don’t say she never go,s to other celebs party just because you never saw it,are did and just trying to start sh-t..and can nicki tell you to stop doing something no she can’t..she a grown woman if she want to wear a general/captain hat on a yacht she can do so,you people always have something negative to say about this woman i sure as hell didn’t see anything negative in this video just some people enjoying there selves.


  4. Vicki

    She looks so pretty!!! Glad she had fun! :p


  5. Melanie Fiona

    White woman?


    Queens Reply:

    @Melanie Fiona, why is this comment here did u mean to put something else? Was it autocorrect?


  6. Sassy

    Seems like Nicki Minaj brought the same crowd from Summer Jam 2013. They’re dead as ever. It doesn’t seem like they’re feeling her too much.


    Queens Reply:

    @Sassy, lmao gurl stop according to blogs they were actually the loudest for her at summer jam have several seats haha and they sound pretty loud in the video as well they all grown in this video so they get as pumped as say a 13 year old


  7. thesearefacts



  8. Nickster

    I love how they played the same song she was turning up to at the bet awards.


  9. ♪►Muzzac◄♪



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