Jessie J Covers Chris Brown’s ‘Fine China’

Jessie J

Jessie J put her own spin on Chris Brown’s “Fine China” during an acoustic set for The Sun’s Biz Sessions. The British sensation belted out the R&B jam while performing with her guitarist and two back-up singers.

She also delivered acoustic versions of her hit “Price Tag” and latest single “Wild.”

Jessie’s sophomore album is due later this year. She recently shot a video for her new single “It’s My Party,” reportedly produced by Calvin Harris.

Check out her acoustic performances below.

“Fine China”


“Price Tag”

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  1. wonderland19

    Killed it! Can Jessie J and Chris Brown stop messing about and get in the studio together already.


    Pauline F. Griffin Reply:

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  2. AA

    wow her vocals are amazing


  3. FlySly

    She is so in control of her voice. Its amazing. Vocals are like …WOW!


  4. truth

    At least she can sing it Live….


  5. Ice

    She’s perfect.


  6. Grace

    This is the second time I’ve heard her cover someone else’s song and absolutely murder it (“We Found Love” being the first). So talented.


  7. viki

    She KILLED cbrowns song.. man – i love this woman. she deserves to succeed…. ALWAYS


  8. carla

    Killed It!! Love it


  9. Beyonce



  10. Don shawni only

    She a go hard like metal ball. Her vibez is just right


  11. A.

    She is at her best with acoustic versions. To me she shines much more like this. Wish she did something a bit different with her official singles, at least one or two singles less mainstream and more intimate/edgy/personal.


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