Jay-Z Takes Over Art Gallery for ‘Picasso Baby’ Video Shoot


The art and hip-hop worlds collided on set of Jay-Z’s video for “Picasso Baby.” Fresh off the release of his new album, Mr. Carter took over Pace Gallery in New York on Wednesday to shoot a video for the Timbaland and J-Roc-produced song off Magna Carta… Holy Grail.

Jay sported a white collared shirt and Roc-A-Fella chain as he got up close with fans, who snapped photos and video on their cell phones.

He was joined on set by Wale, Judd Apatow, Jerry Saltz, Adam Driver, and members of the art community including performance artist Marina Abramović.

At one point, a girl even offered to sing for Jay as he clapped along and another did ballet when the speakers blew out.

Check out more photos and video from the artsy shoot below.

Photo credit: INF Photo

Video via @cedar and @kiamak

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  1. Liquorice

    Cannot wait for the music video! Picasso Baby is a dope song, I love it.


    Jay-Me Reply:

    @Liquorice, Definitely one of my favourites from MCHG.


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  3. C94B

    So if I understand it right, one of the concepts of this video is making a person sit on a museum bench and watch Jay perform, as if it was some kind of painting or sculpture ? Damn…


  4. MCHG

    This track is crazy real. The flow is insane and the beat is hip hop meets RocknRoll.


  5. what

    Jay fell off hard. MGHG was some trash


    C Reply:

    @what, Thank you for speaking the truth. It’s as if Jay-Z could put on album a song just saying “yea, yea, yea” over and over again and these d$ck riders will still turn around and say it’s amazing. I don’t get it. How can anyone listen to Reasonable Doubt, Vol. 1 &2, Blueprint and even the Black Album and still turn around and say this Magna Carta hot garbage is actually nice.


    JHP Reply:

    @C, So not having the same opinion as you makes everyone who likes the album a “d*ckrider”? GTFOH, that’s not the truth, that’s just the lame ass opinion the two of you have. 1 million people received the album for free, and piraters had it on the internet for download 4 days before it’s physical release, and Hov is still on track to sell anywhere from 400k-500k, if it was garbage I doubt it’d be selling that much. Of course it isn’t touching Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, and Black Album, that’s extremely hard to do. It’s still a good album, possibly his 4th best in my opinion.


    what Reply:

    @JHP, hype sales
    and there are plenty of bad albums that sell(exp. Every Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown album)


    Queens Reply:

    @what, you really tried it with all three of these artist cb last couple of albums HAVENT sold that well due to his incident back in 09 jb makes music for white mainstream america so it will sell nm last lp album probably disappointed but she was making #newrules before hov nobody else put rap pop and r&b on an album like she did so try again


    C Reply:

    @what, Thank you! To think people are still bring album sales as an argument to prove an artist is making good music…..GTFOH


  6. Sommer

    The concept is that there are real performance (artists) there AND Marina Abramović is a high profile Serbian performance (artist). Some of the people who will be shown are not just some plain everyday people. Go Jay!


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  8. kate

    love him



    JayZus Christ


  10. MCHG

    MCHG on track for half a milli hahaha keep getting money Hov…


  11. Shae

    Jigga man is cool people b.


  12. XO till we overdose...

    whether you like his music or not, you gotta admit that Jay-Z has handled fame a lot better than most


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