Ciara Brings ‘Body Party’ to ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’


Ciara continues riding the promo train. Following her appearances on “106 & Park” and “GMA,” the R&B diva brought the party to “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” on Wednesday.

Accompanied by her female dancers, a leather-clad CiCi sizzled on stage with a performance of her hit single “Body Party” off her self-titled album.

She also posted a couple silly Instagram videos of her backstage with the hosts. In one clip, Kelly Ripa did a hilarious impression of Nicki Minaj alongside Ciara.

Watch them clown around and see her performance below.

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  1. High_Price

    Ciara is every $%*@ing where … like everyday i come on here she performing somewhere…you gotta give it t this girl…she just doesn’t stop!!!! As much as the haters hate an the doubters doubt…she still presses on an delivers quality performances… Here’s to record braking album sales and a career that will never be shelved …. Leggo CiCi


    innocencelost Reply:

    @High_Price, i agree! this is exactly how promo should be done. her work ethic is great and she deserves a lot of success.


  2. Speechless

    I love that she’s just everywhere now. She deserves it.


  3. Steph

    That was amazing!

    She’s so comfortable with herself now, and you can see it, it makes her shine and I think she finally found her niche!


  4. channel_ROMAN

    SLAY !!


    jason Reply:

    @channel_ROMAN, please marry me ciara


  5. Darkwing Duck

    Great performance! And Kelly clearly digs Ciara! Love their cute chemistry!


    florence Reply:



  6. GOGO

    She just has something soooo MASCULINE about her physical feautures….


    donna Reply:

    @GOGO, If every girl in the world had her Features we’d all be world class stunners! LOL It’s called being physically fit, and toned to the max – something that EVERY REAL WOMAN wants LOL

    Rap-up you didn’t tell us about her being on this show. Trying to see them all. Please post every show you know about.

    That performance was so amazing it sent chills over me.

    I REALLLY love that she is signing autographs now, and just touching her fans lightly on the arm will guarantee that that person is a fan for life. I know. Mary Wilson of the supremes touched me just lightly on the arm and took a pic and I have been loving her ever since!

    Queen Ciara and King Future FOREVER!!!!

    They did a collabo on remake of Sorry that I like.

    I want them to do a love duet so bad. Hopefully on next CD!!! YEAH!

    They can be the new Peaches and Herb!!!


    Andy Reply:

    @donna, what u said about touching fans and taking pics is soooo true. Artists must think about that, they will gain a loyal fan forever.


  7. kate

    go c


  8. Frankie

    That was …. a cringe fest.


  9. IG: ClothezMinded_

    GREAT PERFORMANCE! i like the way she keeps performing body party but she brings something different everytime. idk which performance i liked better this or her jimmy kimmel performance. dont get me wrong i love when she dance BUT i love to see her just she her vibing with the mic and doing live vocals!!!! her live vocal continue to improve BUT the haters dont seem to acknowledge that. anywho im still rooting for u! i got my copies of CIARA hope you all did too!!!!


  10. Me

    Its Great that she’s exuding more confidence. I like Ciara. The more she performs live the better she’ll get. Good Job C!


  11. Jackie Rayne

    go ahead then Ciara! She is really coming out her shell and her work is wonderful. And I’m proud of my girl Jana (short blonde hair) you better dance girl. Houston stand up we on stage with Ciara!


  12. The Shady Truth

    This made me laugh!


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