Da Internz Crown Miley Cyrus ‘Turn Up Queen’

Da Internz brought us Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)” and Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake,” and now the hitmaking duo is adding their platinum touch to Miley Cyrus’ upcoming album.

Marcos “Kosine” Palacios and Ernest “Tuo” Clark recalled working with the pop star. “She like to turn up, man,” Tuo told Rap-Up TV. “The first time we met her, she sang Nicki Minaj’s second verse to ‘A$$,’ so we were like, ‘Whoa!’ And after that, we were like, ‘OK, she’s the turn up queen.’”

They have recorded “good, fun uptempo music” for Miley’s album. “Lots of bass, lots of ass. We come with lots of energy and her amazing voice,” said Kosine.

When they’re not in the studio with the likes of Miley or Nas, they have been focused on their artist KAPTN, whose single “Ricky Ricardo” is picking up steam. His album is “85 percent done” and due on their label Write Ya Life/Island Def Jam.

Plus, find out about their studio sessions with Elle Varner and John Legend, whose single “Made to Love” they co-produced.

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  1. tacomeat

    What is this disney girl doing to our hip hop/urban musicians? Why are they worshipping her? First Snoop, then Pharell, Jay-Z (calling her a GOD), now them!!!! Are we selling out???


    Wow Reply:

    @tacomeat, I was wondering the same thing. SMH. I have no problem with different races respecting and loving our hip-hop/R&B culture, but to ME it seems like she’s trying way too hard to fit in. Everything she does seems forced. I actually liked her as a Disney Star and I believe she does have a beautiful voice and potential. If she wants to switch from the pop genre to something else – Sure. She should just be serious about it and try to make music worth hearing. Not just trash. As of *now she doesn’t have my support.


  2. fatal

    wow does the Smelly Circus have all the rapper boys frothing over whose going to murder her Va-J-J first-don’t worry boys I’m sure she ‘ll end up ganging ya’ll very soon-and really letting her no talent but record with you only makes you look extremely foolish-even Snoop looks like an idiot for recording with her and the song is total pop trash-so disappointing-I really thought you guys had more self respect than to fall over yourselves for the first nasty psycho white trash hillbilly that stuck her but in your face to piss her daddy off-she’s not even good looking just skinny-pleassseee-the sistas are so much more attractive-and I’m not even black


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