Macklemore Talks Homophobia, Dissing R. Kelly, & Being a White Rapper


Macklemore (sans Ryan Lewis) paid a visit to Peter Rosenberg and Angie Martinez on Hot 97 on the same day that his single “Same Love” went platinum. The Seattle rapper, who has “hella gay uncles” and a gay godfather, spoke out about homophobia in hip-hop, being a white rapper, and his R. Kelly diss on “Thrift Shop.”

Check out what he had to say and watch him freestyle over Wu-Tang Clan’s “Triumph” beat.

On homophobia in hip-hop: “That’s my community [hip-hop], that’s who I see to be oppressing gay people. The f-word and saying “that’s gay” are still rampant. Homophobia is still rampant in the hip-hop community and it just gets the co-sign.”

On hip-hop’s progress: “It’s getting better. The last year has gotten a lot better, but for so long, it was just an issue that nobody touched on.”

On being a white rapper: “You’re immediately going to get placed in the box, you’re immediately going to be corny. That’s the first place that you go. I do it too. I, for the most part, don’t like white rappers either. I think that most white rappers are corny.”

On his R. Kelly diss on “Thrift Shop”: “I never thought R. Kelly would hear that song ever. R. Kelly to me is the G.O.A.T. of R&B. I wrote that line in 2008 when that line was actually relevant. [If I meet him], I’m gonna be like, ‘Man, I’m so sorry. I was still using drugs. I was high.’ He’s a genius.”

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  1. Lil' Kim's Ken Doll

    These new school cats are so disrespectful.
    its not even funny anymore.


    Gob1in Reply:

    @Lil’ Kim’s Ken Doll, He’s far more entertaining and respectful than your “Barbie”. He didn’t have to prance semi-nude to sell a record, nor did he have to suck and fuck his way to the middle.

    Macklemore is more relevant than the majority of rappers you hear on the radio who get all the airplay. And he’s still humble.


    Gob1in Reply:

    @Lil’ Kim’s Ken Doll, Still more relevant and respectful than your “Barbie”.


    Fa Reply:

    @Gob1in, you know what’s wrong with Lil Kim? Nothing!
    She paid her dues, she tributed all the ladies than came before her, yeah in fact she is friends with them…Who Is Minaje friends with? Name them!


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @Lil’ Kim’s Ken Doll, They make better music than your fav.


  2. Miszi

    Never thought he was actually dissing R.Kelly, thought it was just a joke. Oh well, it’s nice to see him explain that though.


  3. Fa

    He is so delicous AND SAMRT, I wanna sit on his face.


  4. Ross

    It is interesting how people get so offended when someone mocks another person for their actions.

    If R Kelly hadn’t urinated on anyone no one could make fun of it. I think more people need to just own their actions. If you do it then don’t be embarrassed by it. If your ashamed about your actions then you shouldn’t have done it.


  5. channel_ROMAN

    Macklemore is such a beautiful soul and he makes great music. I can’t lie I didn’t want to listen to his music because I thought “Thrift Shop” was commercial and annoying so was Can’t Hold Us Dowm. But, I sat down one day and played his album and I fell in love with his words and his topics. Neon Cathedral is my FAVORITE song off the album and Allen Stone’s voice is just perfect. Don’t get me wrong Thrift Shop and Can’t Hold Us Down are good songs and I respect Thrift Shop a lot more now that I know how the single came to be. I’m not much to hate on artist because they have commercial songs out because that’s what they have to do to carry an album. You hear their best music when you listen to their complete catalogs.


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  7. ccine

    Lol, i thought he was a British black guy don’t ask y, i just did.


  8. Chloé Magnolia

    I don’t listen to his music except for his singles, because I can’t watch a music channel or listen to the radio without Thrift Shop or Can’t Hold Us being on, but I am extremely grateful for the much-needed dialogue he sparked with Same Love. That right there is the start of what has potential to become an admirable and momentous legacy. Macklemore could take this thing far, I hope he will.


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