Video: Karmin – ‘Acapella’ [Teaser]


Karmin steps into a colorful world in the video for “Acapella.” The duo shows off their personality and style as they perform choreographed moves in color-coordinated outfits. Amy dances in a blue-lit hallway and Nick bangs on a green trash can in the teaser.

“Acapella” is the first single off Karmin’s full-length album, due late summer/fall on Epic Records.

Get a sneak peek before the full video premieres tomorrow.

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  1. Brit

    Didn’t know how I felt about Karmin at first, but gotta say.. this chick’s really growin on me


  2. Kevin Cordell

    Love her!


  3. listen

    the music industry can’t force Karmin down our throats.


  4. wonderland19

    Its good to see Epic records put money into there videos.


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