New Music: Ace Hood f/ Chris Brown – ‘Rider’

Ace Hood and Chris Brown

Ace Hood and Chris Brown catered to the ladies on “Body 2 Body” off 2011’s Blood Sweat & Tears. Now they link up once again for the Florida rapper’s new album Trials & Tribulations. On “Rider,” the fellas show love to a ride-or-die chick, who will always stay down through the “hard times and cloudy days.”

“We gon’ always be together if you show me your ambitions of a rider,” sings Breezy on the hook.

Due July 16, Trials & Tribulations also features collaborations with Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Future, and Betty Wright.


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  1. diyana

    ace hood is so shit…only listening to hear chris’ angelic voice lol


    Sohair Osman Reply:

    @diyana, hhahaa, me too!!


  2. AA

    chris vocals are amazing
    ace hood is trash


  3. Real shit

    Why the hate for Ace hood ? anyway breezy killed it , i love the song


  4. Adria

    Chris’s voice


  5. Meme

    SMH. People always want to clown Ace Hood for no reason. He may not be a big seller, obviously, but he still consistently delivers bangers. Chris killed the hook, as usual, but Ace Hood definitely delivered dope verses as well. They BOTH did their thing & delivered a dope track.


    what Reply:

    @Meme, 10 years from now nobody will know what an Ace Hood is. They will think it’s some kind of Pokemon


    Meme Reply:

    @what, 10 years from now 90% of the artist of today won’t be remembered, at least not for their music. So what’s your point?! I didn’t say Ace Hood is a legend or was gonna be around 10 years from now, like MOST artist he doesn’t get the shine or respect he deserves as an artist but that doesn’t mean he isn’t consistent with his music.


  6. Meeka



  7. As

    @what that is so true


  8. As

    Breezy killed it as usual


  9. Nia

    i love this song. its cute


  10. TLox

    Nic job Chris, now if you can do this live and not lip sync this song…yeah right!!!


    Cecelia Reply:

    @TLox excuse me keep your rude comments to yourself. Always the ppl with absolutely no talent that speak on other artists. CB just needs to stay in his vocal range and THIS is his in his range


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  12. wonderland19

    Chris’s hook makes this song. He is the hook king! This is a tune.


    rosalynn Reply:

    @wonderland19, He really is!!


  13. AA

    without chris this song is a flop


  14. Real shit



  15. vkdee

    Another great collab!


  16. marita



  17. Olivia

    Killin it as usual #teambreezy


  18. 50 cent

    Ill shoot you all up. Ace is gangster yo! Breezy is a woman beater!


    lance Reply:

    @50 cent, and 50 is both


  19. AA

    people need to move on from the past people make mistake dont u think chris deserve a second chance


  20. rsCBfan

    Chris sounds great, as usual.


  21. Ekohnet gospel

    ace hood and cris are both gud dey did their thing


  22. michelle allen

    I like the song but didn’t he ask if he was broke would she still love him, then says she is allergic to broke and hoe niggas. I smell contradiction but other than that its a great song :)


  23. Jeremy

    Stop fucking on ace.hood he spit bars and yall mf need to give his props


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