New Music: Chanel West Coast – ‘Now You Know’ [Mixtape]

Chanel West Coast

Young Money continues to expand its roster. The label that brought us Nicki Minaj and Drake introduces its newest signee, Chanel West Coast.

The 24-year-old rapper, who stars on MTV’s “Ridiculousness” and “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” steps from the television screen to the mic with her debut mixtape Now You Know.

But don’t let the pretty face fool you. The blonde bombshell holds her own on the 18 original tracks, which were recorded over the past year.

The star-studded project features production from Rich Skillz, with appearances from Robin Thicke, French Montana, Snoop Dogg, Ty Dolla $ign, and Honey Cocaine.

Now You Know is a journey of all the things that I have been through in my life,” said Chanel West Coast. “Past relationships, the trials and tribulations I’ve gone through in trying to make it, the love, the hate, the finer things in life that I’ve always dreamed of and becoming the woman I’ve always wanted to be. I’m telling my story and I hope others can relate to it.”

Get familiar with Chanel by downloading her mixtape below.

Download: Chanel West Coast – Now You Know

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  1. DRB

    This cover is so Rihanna.


    taylordane Reply:



    Queens Reply:

    @taylordane, you may not like nicki but less not be delusional lol


  2. Bernice Jenkins

    this bitch almost comes off as a minstrel show!


  3. dee

    this ruined my day wtf embarrassing


  4. tbear

    Yo i didnt know YMCMB signed Chanel West Coast MTV Ridiculousness

    Thats Awesome


  5. Yeezus Christ

    Rihanna Rated R? rofl straight jacked riri’s style, this white girl is all down hill from here


    lol Reply:

    @Yeezus Christ, she from young money, it should come as no suprise


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  7. jeanuila

    she looks like jessica simpson


  8. channel_ROMAN

    Girl bye.


  9. Joey

    I don’t see the Rihanna resemblance. Shes good enough to be successful, I mean look at lil Wayne, hes retarded.


  10. Ice

    I hate her laughing on Ridiculousness.


  11. LakerShow

    Damn I’m blowin away. Sounds really good!!!


  12. Tauruskidd

    *searches for something nice to say..* umm…..better than Kreashawn lol


    Brocka Reply:

    @Tauruskidd, lmaoooo! This comment had me crackin up. When will these white chicks understand they can’t spit for shit. Yet another white girl makin money claimin to be a rapper it’s a damn shame, someone needs to yoke these jokers smh!!!! Rip hip hop and mother f*ck these phony crackers


  13. Incognegro1983

    Okay, truth me told, she does look like she belongs on The Hills or Legally Blonde – but honey can spit!!! A ghost writer and a rapping coach might have been involved; but, that is also the case for a lot of the new age chicks running the raps game. The song was cute, her flow was tight, and she is cute and blonde…sound like anyone else we know?!?! All in all, don’t hold her race against her, until she drops the n-words…then we have to cut her ass to the white meat – literally! Team Chanel West Coast…for now lol


  14. Above Par

    My first inclination was to brush this foolishness off, but the the Party song with Honey Cocaine was good! lol, it doesn’t even sound like her though’ almost like Iggy.


  15. Andy

    have all the jerks above even given a listen to the mixtape? She’s okay to me, though, but stop being so idiotic and negative.


  16. MostHated

    This shit is terrible. End of discussion. Worst white bitch rapping, ever.


    Lily Reply:

    @MostHated, Nahh Iggy and Kreayshawn are worse


  17. Anonymous

    Physical attraction doesn’t necessarily equate to talent. She’s hot, but she ain’t lethal. She needs more work. It’s just sad that Young money signs artists like Nicki & Drake and then they bring you this (rapping Jessica Simpson). She’s like your friends baby sister. Idk, just can’t see her carrying many records on her own, not top 10s anyway.


  18. Maria (Bama691)

    Congratulations Chanel !!! I just listened to all tracks and I like them all. As you know there will always be haters. If you have haters then your doing something right. I also think you have the best laugh I have ever heard. Your a beautiful girl. I wish you all the best. The one and only MARIA!!


  19. Uninterested in rap

    I’m only here for the picture


  20. WhiteBoySagger

    Ya’ll hatin ass nigga’s just pissed off cuz she makin money and you sittin at home on yo broke ass wishin you had some kind of money makin talent! I support anybody who can make a buck in the entertainment world. Truth is mutha fucka’s hate cuz they aint! Gotta knock somebody down cuz you can’t clime to the top with them. Keep makin that money Chanel! Fuck these haters!


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  25. Sophia

    Too many people hating on her! She is really good, I don’t understand the hate coming at her. She’s not trying to be anyone, defo not begging it.

    Sit down, shut up and try not to hate on a girl because she’s white and rapping. Its pathetic.


  26. Ana

    Why hate give the girl a chance she sounds good! Love it!


  27. Vii

    She may not be on the way to rap royalty but the girl got some bars. I’m pretty sure if you gave someone else (mostly black) these bars yall wouldn’t be as critical #uglytruth


  28. Marvin Franklin

    I am glad people are showing their bodies how ever and when ever they want.


  29. Donamillion

    Way to go Chanel! This stuff is good….NO, it’s actually GREAT! Haters will always hate, in fact, as I remember, they hated the Beatles and the Stones when they first came out. This is new age and your out there! Go ahead and laugh at them all the way to the bank with you talent and good looks.


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