Ashanti Goes to Bat at All-Star Softball Game


Ashanti stepped up to the plate at the Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game at Citi Field in New York on Monday. The R&B diva traded her designer wardrobe for sneakers, shorts, a sports bra, and Yankees cap while playing for the American League.

During one of her turns at bat, she hit a grounder, but wasn’t able to make it to first plate in time. Her team lost 8-5 to the National League, but Ashanti still enjoyed the experience.

“Had a blast at the 2013 Celebrity Allstar Game!!!” she tweeted.

Her new album BraveHeart, which features Keyshia Cole and R. Kelly, has been moved to September 3.

See Ashanti in action below.



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  1. Rasan8250

    You know I wish she would stop pushing the date. It is gonna make it so that those of us who would have bought it are not going to. I think she has not got it that the music business has changed substantially!!! She Could put it out and then work it, but the way this album keeps being pushed back seems like, she is not sure of it. Ashanti gotta be confident.


    Truth Reply:

    @Rasan8250, The reason she had to push it back is because “Never Should Have” hasnt charted and isnt doing well on radio she needs to release another single and hopefully it will be a hit for her before the September 3rd release date.


    Rasan82 Reply:

    @Truth, Nah she has moved this album release date to many times. She does not seem confident. I mean she had a good record with Meek Mill and French montana that did not get pushed. A album getting pushed back this many times is not good in any music climate. People lose interest quickly. Just put it out and make it move for the long haul or go and retool the album. That would be better than pushing it back this many times.


  2. Old School Head

    The format for radio has changed substantially over the years. Artists who are releasing the best possible music arent getting any play and there songs arent charting. Its always the catchy corny songs that end up going top 10 on billboard which is so sad. Its this new generation that has completely fu*ked up what was once a good thing and we may never get that back again


  3. T-Bear

    Ashanti lookin sexy in this pic

    s/n does she have braces now?

    i cant get a good look


  4. bibi93



  5. SixelA49

    This shit is getting so ridiculous its almost making me laugh. Seriously HOW MANY TIMES is she gonna keep delaying the album like that?! Been doing this for more than 2 years and counting!!! At this point, aint no excuses!! We all know that Braveheart is gonna bomb anyway now.. Girl, cut the shit and release the damn album…


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