New Music: Shawnna – ‘Versace (Remix)’


Your favorite rappers including Drake, Meek Mill, Angel Haze, Tyga, and The Game have all bought into the “Versace” craze. Now Shawnna follows the trend with her remix to Migos’ song. The Chicago femcee reps the Medusa head as she stacks her rhymes over the tinkering beat. Try on her remix below.

[Fakeshore Drive]

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  1. Tom

    Shawnna’s voice was mad annoying, I’ve heard her do better. Next


    RihNaj Reply:

    @Tom, stfu she killed it!!! best yet on this beat!!! I need new music from this chic she can spit!!


  2. RihNaj

    She went into a kendrick lamar flow gwaaan shawnna!! I see you!!


    salena Reply:

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  3. Onika Miraj

    She killled that Kendrick flow. It fits her. I kinda liked this but her voice sounds kind of… funny. Whatever, I won’t hate. She did good.

    But I’ve never heard of her before lol


    SmoothCriminal101 Reply:

    @Onika Miraj, WTF never heard of her? She’s the other voice in Ludacris’ hit ‘what’s your fantasy.’ That’s about as mainstream as I know. I heard her on mix tapes of other artists long time ago. She’s like the female Twista. Want proof? YouTube her and twistas ‘RPM’… She’s a Chicago legend alongside Do or Die. Proper old school. #kidsthesedays #smdh


    NickiStan Reply:

    @Onika Miraj, She had a song called ‘Some Head’ (I think that’s what it was called) but I remember everyone loved that song. I know i did. Had no clue what she was talking about back then but whatever.



  4. Versace

    Like the flow she used lol


  5. Rechee

    why is every one saying she has a kendrick flow or some new flow? Isn’t the same exact flow that Drake used?


  6. JustCoastWitHa

    It really took a Rap Bitch to make me like this dumbass song. I like her remix.


  7. NickiStan

    This is her flow. She has always rapped like this.

    But I like her remix and ONLY her remix. Minus this version I hate that Versace song.


  8. Celinaaa

    Sounds like Karliee Redd on love and hip hop atl


  9. Kee

    She did her thing!!! Come on back Shawnna the rap game need u!!!!


  10. Jerzy Peach

    Shawnna Murdered That verse!!!! I miss u Gurl!! Waitin on Ya Album!


  11. mzwoods1

    Loved it…… Shawnna needs to do a song with Nikki and make a hit!!!!


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