Beyoncé Dedicates ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ to Detroit


Beyoncé put a smile on the face of her Detroit fans when she paid tribute to the Motor City on her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.” During her concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills on Saturday night, the singer covered Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come,” dedicating it to the city, which filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection last week.

As she performed, the screen behind her displayed photos of Detroit landmarks and icons including Aretha Franklin, Aaliyah, Eminem, Anita Baker, Kid Rock, and Berry Gordy, Jr. The montage ended with the declaration “Nothing Stops Detroit!”

“This was a unique tribute to the history of an incredible city and a celebration of the strong spirit of its people,” Bey’s spokesperson told Billboard.

The song is not normally included in her set, but she did perform it in London at the “Chime for Change” concert.

Detroit’s debt is estimated at $18-20 billion, making it the largest bankruptcy filing for a city in U.S. history.

Watch a clip of Beyoncé’s dedication to D-town below.

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  1. 2bad2bme

    the baddest alive… she keeps it classy while the others keep it trashy that’s why she last longer like fine wine lol


  2. Critic

    What a beautiful thing to do. She’s such a class act and has sch a beautiful voice. Great way to boost the morale of the city. way to go, B!


    CoolieJ Reply:


    I agree! Such a classy woman.


    Anonymous Reply:

    I love the way she sings it, draws you in!


  3. Ashanti



  4. channel_ROMAN



  5. Marii

    She’s such a great person. She didn’t have to do that.


  6. sos help

    Did anybody Know When we hear New music o New balbum?


  7. BEYHIVE2013

    And this ladies & gentlemen shows why Beyoncè is in a class of her own. She always does things similar to this where she goes above & beyond and doesn’t have to, but does she get the recognition she should? People would rather tear her down! But that’s why she has fans like me that will snatch somebody for the QUEEN, lololol.


    joyse Reply:

    @BEYHIVE2013, there is not a country bumpkin, airhead on the planet who has class.

    Queen Ciara reigns supreme in the class and talent dept.


  8. troof

    no haters yet???

    ya’ll slackin


  9. lexx_janay

    Loooooooove this song!


  10. Leah

    So dam effortless & beautiful. Nobody is on this woman’s level. NOBODY.


  11. Rap Pack

    Damn EMINEM needs to drop that album already. Detroit needs that motivation and Em can give it to them.


  12. Jorge

    The crowd screamingmfor Aaliyah
    Forever missed …


  13. ♪►Muzzac◄♪



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  15. joyse

    Her country azz voice sounds like an old negro texas cotton picker, and she screwed up Sam Cookes song. Anyone who has heard the original know that her version sucks.



    This what you get when you let republicans run Michigan they’ll end up bankrupting cities within the state smh


    Liberal Fucktard Reply:

    Detroit hasn’t had a Republican mayor or city official for over 50 YEARS!!!!!!! Get a clue, dumbfuck.


    CftxP Reply:

    @Liberal Fucktard, They have a Republican governor in Michigan. He basically took control of the city and kicked out the city council, appointed a bankruptcy attorney who was supposed to stop the city from becoming bankrupt and what happens? Detroit is now the largest U.S. city to file for bankruptcy protection. Sometimes those who run under the guise of small government don’t do enough since their management capabilities are diminished by irresponsible policy.


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  18. Girl Bye

    Detroit v.s. Everybody


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