Lil Wayne, Birdman, Bow Wow, & Mystikal Celebrate Rich Gang Album Release

Lil Wayne, Bow Wow, and Mack Maine

Rich Gang celebrated the fruits of their labor with a lavish party in New York last night. With their debut album in stores, Lil Wayne and Birdman hosted a celebration at Bagatelle. They were joined by the rest of the YMCMB crew including Bow Wow, Mystikal, DJ Khaled, Ace Hood, Jay Sean, Mack Maine, and Chanel West Coast.

During their appearance on “106 & Park” earlier in the day, they premiered the video for “Dreams Come True” and were joined by Busta Rhymes, Future, and Ace Hood.

“We in tuned with the streets. We just make good music, but we a team,” said DJ Khaled of the hip-hop collective.

In addition to Rich Gang, YMCMB has a busy year ahead with new releases from Jay Sean (July 30), Drake (Sept. 17), DJ Khaled (Sept. 24), and Busta Rhymes.

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  1. At usage

    That’s bow wows “told y’all these my friends” face.


  2. Jusno

    “hip-hop collective”? For Real?


  3. noproblemo

    a lot of ppl bash this group.. but in all honesty.. this is going to be another successful summer.. the rich gang album exceeded my expectations and they didn’t even have Drake on there.. so how is this label “Weak”.. that is how most ppl refer to it.. on the other hand I’m looking forward to Jay Sean’s album.. i heard some snippets and man what can I say.. cat is underrated!! it’s gonna be like the 20/20 experience but better!! just needs promo


  4. leverage

    yea YMCMB is still doing their thing.. they have like 60 ppl on their roster and a lot of best kept secrets that are actually better than Nicki and Drake.. they just lack promo!! strong label.. but they gotta bring out their other rappers and mainstream singers to the forefront


    ♪►Muzzac◄♪ Reply:

    @leverage, nope, nobody is better then Nicki & Drake! But yeah they do have a lot of other good talent!


  5. Shutterbug

    Glad to see Juve the Great made it.

    If the rumors are true about him signing back to Cash Money, I’m all for it…he’s finna show these YMCMBrats who a real OG is.

    Just hope the album’s gonna have some Mannie Fresh beats on it (Rejuvenation had five of ‘em, and it was UNDERRATED)


  6. RIPSouljaSlim

    Rich Gang playboi>>>


  7. mantan

    new money trying to call this album rich gang. I never heard of blue bloods except lil wayne & baby old butt trying to gangbang!!


  8. mantan

    It amazes me that weak minded people fall so easily to somebody who is not being real to themselves. Lil wayne & Baby didn’t start this gangbanging stuff until they start seeing real bread!! Before that it was “my block is hot” These dudes portraying something to our children that results in drugs, guns, & gangs. All for destruction towards our youth…


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @mantan, Speak for yourself.


  9. mantan

    No you speak for yourself channel_Roman, it is fans like you that glorify what they do and stand for. Well…i am speaking from life experience growing up in Chicago and as you know chi-city has plenty of killing fields for children who believe representing something that they not. All im saying is these dudes ain’t who they say they are and nobody seems to care lil wayne and baby promote in there lyrics this perception of being a blood is cool..WAKE UP channel_ROMAN


  10. mantan

    Lastly, im not just singling lil wayne & baby or new money….i mean cash money im just saying be responsible about what you put in these songs because to be quite honest the stuff him and baby rap about being a blood is an insult to a blood who really is about that life…..They both are rich and those two worlds don’t exist together..Bloods out here putting in work and taking chances with there lives everyday that has never been Baby or lil wayne…


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  12. manman

    dreams come true real niggaz


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