Leah LaBelle Performs for Rap-Up Sessions

Pharrell knew she was a star when he saw her on YouTube, and Jermaine Dupri wanted in when he heard her sing. Now with the two hitmakers in her corner, Leah LaBelle is readying her i am OTHER/So So Def/Epic Records debut. The Seattle songstress brought some sunshine to our Hollywood studio for a stripped-down set.

In the latest installment of Rap-Up Sessions, the 26-year-old chanteuse worked her charm with an acoustic version of her Pharrell-produced single “Lolita.” Backed by a guitarist, she also performed her new song “Mr. Scissors” for the first time, while her friend JoJo sat in for the live taping.

Leah’s upcoming album was produced by Pharrell and J.D. “The album is just a really good, feel-good album,” said the “American Idol” alum. “It makes you happy, it makes you want to dance. It’s gonna remind you of the good times.”

Watch Leah go unplugged and look for a special cover from her later in the week.

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  1. Megan T

    I can’t wait for her album to drop!


  2. Aaron1

    Love her!! She will be huge & scissors needs to be on the radio.


  3. Kyle

    With Pharrell back in the top spot with his hit productions, this is THE TIME to really push Leah and try to secure her with a hit single. All her songs have been on point so far IMO. “Sexify,” “What Do We Got To Lose,” and “Lolita” are jams!!! I’m rooting for her!


  4. JJ

    this girl is a star!


  5. Tam20

    im a fan. she deserves a bigger push by her label.


  6. wonderland19

    MR Scissors is my jam! Love this chick. I hope her label are smart and really push her. This is her time.


  7. Annette

    Great job Leah. All the best with your new album from me and Sonika!


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