Big Sean Unveils ‘Hall of Fame’ Album Covers

Hall of Fame

The moment has finally arrived. Big Sean reveals the artwork for his long-awaited sophomore album Hall of Fame. In an Instagram video, the Detroit rapper shows off the standard and deluxe covers as well as the inside packaging, but quickly covers up the tracklisting.

“This is the album you’ve been waiting for whether you know or not,” he told his fans while holding up a copy of the CD.

Due August 27, the follow-up to his 2011 debut Finally Famous includes the single “Beware” with Lil Wayne and Jhené Aiko, plus appearances from Miguel, Kid Cudi, Nas, Common, Ellie Goulding, and possibly Eminem.

Get a closer look at the album artwork below.

Hall of Fame

Deluxe Cover

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  1. LOLatHaters

    His buzz has really died. He is going to have to drop the best single ever to come off of those flopped singles he released


    NICK Reply:

    @LOLatHaters, Did you wake up without a P***s or summmit, WTF are you so angry, Get your facts right. BEWARE looks like it’s gona crack at least one Top 10 on any of the Billboard Charts, GUAP I admit initially flopped, HOWEVER Ariana Grande’s cover of the song is gona make it shoot up the charts (similar to Justin Beiber’s effect on Carly Rae Jepson’s – Call me Maybe), SWITCH UP was NOT single, it was a Promo single as everyone rapper drops these days to test the waters & was a chance to release something for the fans without the pressure making it sound too ‘radio friendly’ (Similar to J. Cole’s Miss America). My only regret was that he never released 24KARATS OF GOLD as a single becos that wuda smashed the charts. Big Sean’s Buzz has NOT Died, He just did WIRELESS in the UK and all the fans responded well to him, now If you said MEEK MILL’S buzz has died then YES I wuda 100% wuda agreed.


    etw Reply:

    @NICK, this was the funniest, most emotional overreaction ive ever read. holy shit. dude wrote 2 factual sentences and that set you off and you wrote him an essay. and then you had the nerve to call HIM angry? lol. Such a typical stan thing to do. And all i read from you was a bunch of false justifications for mediocre music that was received poorly. im will LOLatHATERS on this one


    LOLatHaters Reply:

    Exactly! These stans be so emotional these days. Fact is his buzz has died a lot compared to last album. I wish him luck tho, if it is hot imma buy it.


    damien Reply:

    @NICK, Please stop with your essays. This is not an English class.



  2. Wonderland19

    Wish ‘Guap’ was never his first single because it really killed his hype which he had from ‘Mercy’ and ‘Clique’. Big Sean said Kanye told him to release it. Kanye’s judgements have been way off for some time now.

    Anyways, i will still be buying this album. ‘Detroit’ was an amazing mix tape. Fingers crossed this tops it.


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  4. Mon88

    illumanti hand signs….FLOP Jesus always WINS


    Brad Reply:

    @Mon88, LOL you’re beyond ignorant


  5. Bowdowntobey

    Why doing the lil kim pose lmfaooooo


  6. Andre

    He said himself t was kanye who pushed him to release Guap as the single, he didnt really want to.


  7. Xtastee



  8. abz

    Looks like he takin a dump


  9. mick-KNox El Presidente

    stop Hatin! get Hall Of Fame! Bwoy!


  10. DKW

    This album cover is DOPE.


  11. Minlo

    I like the cover a lot! Very reminiscent of the 90′s. It’s giving me real Mephis Bleek, Royce da 5’9” vibes. Anyway, best of luck Big Sean!! :)


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