Rick Ross Supports DJ Khaled’s Proposal to Nicki Minaj

Rick Ross

Is DJ Khaled the best man for Nicki Minaj? Rick Ross is giving his blessing to his friend following his proposal. During his visit to Power 106, the Maybach Music boss reacted to the viral video, in which the Cash Money DJ asked Nicki to marry him.

“I know Khaled. That’s been my brother. I know he’s been infatuated with Nicki. I guess we all got to sit back and wait,” said Ross.

While there’s debate whether he’s serious or not, Rozay doesn’t think he’s playing after seeing the 10-carat engagement ring he presented. “If you spend a half-a-million dollars, you dead, dead serious,” he said.

If they were to get married, he would buy them an extravagant gift like a car. “If they the knot, I gotta most definitely represent like a boss.”

Khaled originally wanted to propose to Nicki on set of the video for “Take It to the Head.” “It was some chatter going around, but I can’t say that I knew,” said Ross. “But it was some chatter. That’s my brother. As long as he happy, I’m happy.”

Nicki hasn’t responded to Khaled’s proposal, but Ross has some advice for her. “It’s time to sit that ass on his lap now.”

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  1. Zack

    Drake be like: Don’t dont it, please dont do it lol


  2. above-par

    LMFAOO, that’s hilarious…


  3. Chloé Magnolia

    Good for him, he’s backing his friend. I wouldn’t want to be associated with this outright foolishness, though.


  4. steven

    i stared at this picture for a minute trying to figure out what that was — the back of Rick Ross’ head. That mug looks weird as h#ll


  5. carlos

    look how fat the back of his head is


    HAHAHAHA Reply:

    @carlos, rozzays head looked like an ass crack at first lol


  6. nicko

    The back of his head tho :’(


  7. channel_ROMAN

    My cousin looks just like him except a little slimer. He has the beard, attitude and bald head fat. Oh yeah and he was born and lived in Florida.


  8. fa

    Rick Ross
    DJ Khaled


  9. pete

    this is fake…new song coming soon…dj khaleed featuring nikki minaj…album promotion


  10. Ice

    He said Beliebers, lol. Rick Ross stanning for Justin Bieber please believe it.


  11. Dejonzolanski

    Drake gonna chris brown his ass #NoLie


  12. Jaye

    i’m still trying to figure out how you propose to someone you’re not even dating, that has a damn long term boyfriend


    asg Reply:

    @Jaye, THIS


  13. Oh God Why

    There was a line in Moment for Life, where Drake says something along the lines of “Fuck it, me and Nicki we getting married today, and if the haters don’t like it they can catch the bouquet” thought those two would hook up


  14. Mourice

    Rick Ross’s back looking like a bag of money lol


  15. Hannibal

    his back of Ross’s head looks like a face


  16. bibi93



  17. Ijs

    Y’all I’m not even gone lie, I got scared as hell when I saw that picture of the back of Rick Ross head, I thought it was the man without a face.. Lmfao lord Jesus…


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  19. Onika Miraj

    It’s like he saving a hotdog in the back of his head for later.


    ed Reply:

    @Onika Miraj, CRYING.


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  21. DK TO rwk down

    niCKI minja may like him as a good friend and Dj Khaleds never had date nicki minaj before so there for she’s with somebody now for years or months.


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