The Game Returns for Season 2 of ‘Marrying the Game’ [Trailer]

Marrying the Game

The Game is back for another season of his VH1 reality show “Marrying the Game.” At the end of the first season, his school teacher fiancée Tiffney Cambridge called off the wedding and moved out of Game’s house with their kids.

In the second season, which premieres August 5 at 9:30 p.m., they try to repair their relationship. While he’s a great father, they can’t stop fighting and Tiffney eventually gives back the ring. Will they be able to work it out? Watch the trailer below, including an appearance from Game’s adorable daughter Cali Dream.

The Compton MC has also changed the name of his label Rolex Records. “So after a 6 long month legal battle with Rolex watches over the name ‘Rolex Records’ we lost & had to fully change the name of the label & it’s logo away from the likeness of Rolex’s crown & stay away from any & everything resembling Rolex,” he said.

The label’s new name will be The Firm. “But today a new regime starts & I am officially the CEO of ‘The Firm’ & we are looking for elite artists to be a part of a new movement,” he said.

Prospective artists can upload their songs to SoundCloud and leave the link in the comments on his Instagram page.

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  1. Will

    Like the Game but this looks shit


  2. mz.rican

    Beautiful family.
    Game can get all of this.


    Jessica Reply:

    @mz.rican, eww hoe how can u compliment his family, young kids then say he can have u? cluck cluck


  3. brasko801

    I’m a fan of his but his albums started going downhill when he hired his friends as his managers etc. I understand being boys but this is your livelihood, you ant let anyone mess up your albums/money. Not a fan of jimmy henchmen but he at least got game putting out dope albums (documentary and Docs Advocate)


  4. Xtastee

    Didn’t know it had a first season


  5. Tracie

    Game is one of those cake and eat it too dudes and he NOT the marrying type. Period.


  6. Auntie

    Game and Tiffany, I adore the show the children are excellent, they really make the show. Game is doing a very good job. Tiffany is a little to serious but she does love him. I’m praying they make it work. Fantastic family.

    sign Auntie


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