New Music: Big Sean – ‘Fire’


With less than a month until Hall of Fame drops, Big Sean adds some fuel to his “Fire” with a new song off his sophomore album. The Detroit rapper gets his hustle on, shouts out his mom and dad, and reps for his hometown on the inspirational anthem.

“Do what you wanna do, fuck everything else,” advises Sean over the chanting chorus.

Start your Monday with some motivation from the G.O.O.D. Music MC.

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  1. Jaymalls

    Dopeness all around… sound like some No ID/Kante shit… Im suprised DJ Camper produced this!


    Jstamir Reply:

    @Jaymalls, Haah fucked up u think Kanye produces his shyt


    ew Reply:

    @Jstamir, lol


  2. Dev

    The Cover is ASS, but this song is dope. If HoF sounds anything like his “Detriot” mixtape, then HOF is gunna be Fire!!!!!


  3. Daniel

    I want to like this, but I can’t unfortunately. Too underwhelming for a Big Sean single. I expect better album cuts for HOF, but so far, barring Beware, these singles ain’t working for me.


    kal Reply:

    @Daniel, not a single…the song just leaked


  4. truth

    too messy…


  5. Jalea

    Too much going on with the beat.


  6. wonderland19



  7. Eminem

    Slim shady produce this duhhhhh


  8. AAA

    This is mad dope


  9. listener

    dope, music with substance.


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  14. umm...

    dope. it feels like early Kanye but the Big Sean version.


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