New Music: Rick Ross – ‘I Wonder Why’

I Wonder Why

Rick Ross grapples with fame and fortune on his dark new track “I Wonder Why.” The Maybach Music boss cries out over the ominous beat, produced by Beat Billionaire, and references the Trayvon Martin trial.

“Now I’m being followed by some creepy ass cracker/ Stand your ground, stand your ground/ Stand your ground, you gotta stand your ground,” he raps.

The MMG Self Made 3 compilation arrives September 17, while his sixth album Mastermind is due later this year. “It’s most definitely going to be a soulful record, it’s most definitely going to be a vintage feel,” he told Rikki Martinez on Power 106.

Rozay was recently in the studio with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and will perform a special concert from L.A.’s Club Nokia on August 14 with the 1500 or Nothin band.

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  1. Ice

    So I guess it’s perfectly fine to call white people “crackers” now?


    AAA Reply:

    @Ice, he was quoting it from Trayvon Martin Case, but please don’t act like its something new to you like you. I’m sure you said, or thought something ignorant towards white people.


  2. Mac

    I like it



    Every one of his songs sound the same :/


    #RihannaNavi Reply:

    @VUKIMILI, your hearing must be really bad then…


  4. Staysnatching

    i like it


  5. joey

    let a white singer say nigger and see what happens, but certain black singers think they can say cracker or other words without getting heat. its unfair to white people


    Deuce Reply:

    @joey, does the word cracker have the same sting for you as the N***** word does for many African Americans especially those who had to live through an era where the word was tossed out at you as a mob of white men lynch you or a member of your family. What is the historical backdrop on the word cracker


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