Video: Tinie Tempah f/ 2 Chainz – ‘Trampoline’

Tinie Tempah and 2 Chainz

Tinie Tempah shakes things up in the slick video for “Trampoline,” the first single off his sophomore album Demonstration, due in September. The British MC gets decked out in some stylish gear and jumps around in a room full of scantily-clad women, while 2 Chainz brings his own brand of swag.

“I was always able to get people jumping, so I kind of tied that in with a little joke that people made about me jumping really high in all my performances,” Tinie told BBC Newsbeat of the energetic track. “That’s why it’s called ‘Trampoline.’”

Watch him work out to the bouncy banger.

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  1. Oly

    TINIE! Fucking legend


  2. Oly

    TINIE! Legend


  3. Zack

    I’m starting to like this joint!


  4. wonderland19

    How freak’n disappointing. Tine, you go away touring leaving your fans wanting more music. When you FINALLY release your COME BACK single, you give us THIS TRASH????? Nah mate, you can keep this and COME BACK with something decent. Also, something that doesn’t sound or look dated. This video was also crap. Looking like a ripped off Kanye West ‘Gold Digger’ vid.

    Your better than this. This is straight WACK!


  5. Staysnatching

    Tinie paid 100k for that verse, and dem 2 outfits not worth it


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