Frank Ocean Cancels OVO Fest Performance Due to Vocal Injury

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has been forced to pull out of his appearance at the 4th Annual OVO Fest due to a vocal cord injury.

The channel ORANGE singer was set to perform on the first day of Drake’s two-day festival at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto on August 4.

Due to his injury, the entire day has been canceled, Live Nation announced on Tuesday (via Billboard). Tickets for opening night will be refunded.

James Blake, who was to perform at Sunday’s show, will now join the lineup for the August 5 concert alongside Drake and Wale.

Ocean previously canceled the remaining dates on his sold-out Australian tour. During the first night in Melbourne, he informed the crowd that he was not feeling well.

After a trip to the doctor, Live Nation released a statement. “It has subsequently been confirmed that Frank has suffered a small tear to one of his vocal cords and has received medical advice that he must rest his voice.”

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  1. Lol

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    Mrunhateable Reply:

    @Lol, LMAO yea, he got too carried away..


    Truth Reply:

    @Lol, DEAD LMAO


  2. Morgan

    Get well soon, Frankie!


  3. Sushi

    I’m gay. But the 1st time I read the title, I was like: “Too much cock?”


    Matt C. Reply:

    @Sushi, That’s the funniest thing I read all day


  4. Ant

    Well that sucks.


  5. Riz

    Franks been havin one too many franks… OooooDEEPthroooaaat. *Nicki voice*


  6. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Smh already saw these ignorant comments coming, America still isn’t grown up yet…


    Yeezus Christ Reply:

    @♪►Muzzac◄♪, you must be gay as well


    Kmarx10 Reply:

    @Yeezus Christ, u must be mad cause you wasnt the one frankie was sucking off. Lame ass.


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