Tamar Braxton Presents ‘Love and War’ at L.A. Showcase

Tamar Braxton

In between her new talk show gig and raising her two-month-old son Logan, new mom Tamar Braxton found time to present her upcoming album Love and War at a showcase in L.A. on Monday night. With her husband Vincent Herbert by her side, she performed a four-song set for an intimate crowd at the Emerson Theatre.

Her Tamartian fans, Epic Records family, Kevin McCall, Eva Marcille, and “The Real” co-hosts Adrienne Bailon and Tamera Mowry-Housley were among the guests who packed the venue to see the “Braxton Family Values” star.

Dressed in a sparkly black top and thigh-high boots, the youngest Braxton emerged through smoke to her Biggie-sampled single “The One” flanked by four male dancers. She sat down while belting her hit “Love and War” and debuted a new ballad. With cameras rolling and the wind machine on blast, she closed with her club banger “Hot Sugar.”

“Thanks to all my #tamartian friends for coming! Love you xo,” tweeted Tamar.

The performances were taped for an upcoming episode of WE tv’s “Tamar & Vince.”

Tamar’s album Love and War is due September 3 on Streamline/Epic Records. She will release a new single and video next month and hit the road with John Legend on his “Made to Love” tour starting October 20.

Check out some live clips from Tamar’s L.A. showcase below.

Tamar Braxton

“The One”

“Love and War”

“Hot Sugar”

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  1. Jay-Me

    Looking forward to this album!


  2. Thatsuperstar



  3. Tom

    I am so excited for her new album. Her voice is flawless.


  4. Bunifah


    It’s about time we are being able to witness a GOOD R&B lady finally breaking into the scene with quality material and proper push/support

    Yes, Tamar is NOT a newcomer but this is her breakthrough moment so yes, she is finally being ‘INTRODUCED’ to the scene and she is doing it RIGHT

    It’s all about timing, she sure might be bitching about waiting on forever but guess what, Tamar, the time is NOW and it was worth the wait

    Quality Material and she is really coming to her own.
    I just need EPIC to release HOT SUGAR as the new single and that will sell this project towards GOLD. I’m rooting for you, girl!


    fa Reply:

    @Bunifah, calm down bro!
    we got it!


  5. Mimi

    Lol she looks like a mix of Mariah Carey and Beyonce


    yey Reply:

    @Mimi, I dont like her anymore shes really trying to act like Beyonce


  6. Ciara QUEEN Harris

    Terrible performer


  7. KeepItReal

    but she JUST had a baby, like have a seat and take care of your kid… family/babies come first, career should come first


    Jade Reply:

    @KeepItReal, She has to support the kid, RIGHT? Which means she has to work, right? “Family/babies comes first, careers shouldn’t come first”?? That’s exactly how some of you end up on welfare/broke! They should be evenly yoked, if you’re not where you want to be in your career before making the decision to have a child. Women work and raise kids all the time. She’s driven and is doing just fine being a mom and pursuing her dreams. So you go have a seat


    Wesley Reply:

    @KeepItReal, Beyonce was back on stage right after she had Blue Ivy. Why can’t Tamar?


  8. onlyfacts



    monique b Reply:

    @onlyfacts, it was never keyshia coles beat to begin with or biggies smalls do ya research. Tamar been in the game longer than both have a seat


  9. The One

    Isn’t this the same setlist she did on last season of Tamar & Vince?


  10. juni

    she looked a lil still mybe witht he tour shell get better but vocals always on point


  11. monique b

    okay so beyonce came back after three months so whats your point! shes is her own person and has been in the game for a while if you dont like er wtf u wasting time and commenting .. have a seat!


    yey Reply:

    @monique b, Lets clear this up Beyonce was performing while preggers because shes a beast Tamar is a wannabe


    Len1975 Reply:

    @yey, Tamar will out sing beyonce any day CTFU!!!


  12. TRP

    They need to scrap that “Hot Sugar”, record…it don’t fit her age nor her first two singles. Looking forward to the album though.


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  14. dw to k down to ez

    Great performance and cute outfit


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