Album Cover: Ariana Grande – ‘Yours Truly’

Yours Truly

Ariana Grande is pretty in pink on the cover of her debut album Yours Truly. The 20-year-old singer looks innocent as she sits in a bed of roses wearing a short lace dress and stockings.

The album drops September 3 featuring the Mac Miller-assisted single “The Way” and follow-up “Baby I,” for which she recently shot a video.

On August 13, she will launch her “Listening Sessions” tour in Silver Spring, Maryland.

What do you think of Ariana’s cover art? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. LOLatHaters

    She looks 12 years old lol. Her voice is amazing tho!


    WOW Reply:


    She looks like a baby prostitute…

    Shes great.. but this album cover is not it.. or maybe its the outfit..


  2. @malik_tahir97

    I love her music, but this is terrible! It looks like it was edited in Microsoft Paint


  3. Ice



  4. Brian

    Another wack b-tch who is on the way to get huge… what is this world comin for


    Eugene Reply:

    @Brian, your wack


    Yasmine Reply:

    @Brian, Yep, she has genuine talent and doesn’t use autotune. How wack. Damn fool.


    Alex Reply:

    @Brian, sit yo a$$ down sir. You are a wack btch:) And so what if she becomes huge? Bye.


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @Brian, She has more vocal talent than any of her POP contemporaries.


  5. Nina

    She’s perfect. And her voice is perfect. I love how she brings back the 90′s and doesn’t make like the new kind of crappy songs… i’m proud to call her my one and only idol and inspiration.


  6. geti

    she looks perfect. Like a doll, a princess, a cum slut


    :) Reply:

    @geti, “a cum slut”just ruined it lmao


  7. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Looks so innocent lol


  8. R.O.C

    Ain’t she like 20? LOL


  9. Eugene

    She looks beautiful, it’s her first album, it just looks like that, because it scrunched up, wait till you see on the actual album, it’s gonna look amazing & she is going to be amazing, she sings like a angel, across she gets compared to Mariah, they sound just alike, why do people have to hate? Oh I forgot it 2013…


  10. Kayla

    I wanna see her rap more. She to cute :)


  11. Alex

    I don’t like the cover. I only pray for the album not to be obly R&B


    WiseOne Reply:

    @Alex, and, if it is!!!
    Btw, it’s a mix of genres


  12. Marisa

    I think the album art is simply amazing! The album is going to fantastic and I just cannot fathom why ridiculous people choose to hate on Ariana!!


  13. Dave

    Love her, hate the image they are trying to give her. She is 20 years old and makes great R&B music why do they dress her like a 12 year old disney star?


  14. H town

    Can’t wait for the album..


  15. channel_ROMAN

    She’s giving me Fergie “The Dutchess” tease.


  16. TRP

    They are trying to make her image innocent like, but she has this swag in her voice that tells me otherwise. Nonetheless, I see a bright future for this girl. I can’t wait to hear if the majority of her album has that R&B influence, or is it just the singles….


  17. Cheese

    She’s 20 and the album cover looks like the effort of a 12-year-old, but the music always speaks for itself.


  18. SME

    That album cover looks like it was made on 10 dollars. smh.


  19. NourYeezy

    She’s gorgeous. Can’t wait to hear this album now


  20. Album Cover: Ariana Grande – ‘Yours Truly’ | RAPLOT.COM

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  21. Ice

    @RETURN OF THE TRUTH, Dude, chill. You’re having a perv moment.


  22. 2bad2bme

    she giving innocent on this album so the next one she can be giving “good girl gone bad” tease


  23. Kyle

    I can see pedophiles buying this album just for the cover. Gosh, what a terrible picture to choose. She really does look like she’s 12. Bad choice.


    dnfl Reply:

    @Kyle, LOL she catering to the japanese market


  24. Wow

    Just a note: If anyone has an Instagram Ariana is posting snippets of her music randomly.


  25. Chris

    put some damn clothes on you look like a child prostitute


  26. Shaddy



  27. maya

    Don’t care for the cover. She IS actually of age (for those who don’t know) but the concept of the shoot and the outfit doesn’t mix well together.


  28. Nicky

    Looks like Fergie’s “The Dutchess” cover


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