Bow Wow and Tyra Banks Kiss on ’106 & Park’

Bow Wow and Tyra Banks

Bow Wow’s dream came true yet again when his crush, Tyra Banks, was a guest on Wednesday’s “106 & Park.” After reliving their first kiss on her talk show in 2009, the supermodel asked if he was ready for another round.

“You tryna do the remix?” asked Tyra as Bow Wow sprayed his mouth with breath freshener and puckered up.

She kicked up her legs on his lap and locked lips with him before he stumbled across the stage.

“I had to really walk backstage to really get myself together. I’m rattled right now,” said Bow after the commercial break.

He later posted an Instagram video celebrating the moment. “Tyra touched these lips!” screamed Mr. 106 & Park.

Watch their juicy kiss (and Bow’s hilarious facial expressions) below.

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  1. Ohhh

    OH! okay! wow.. I almost couldn’t get through my day without knowing about this! lol


    Drama Reply:

    @Ohhh, I bet you got your life!


    Ohhh Reply:

    @Drama, Yasss hunnyyy!!! Bow wow doing anything BUT music.. and Tyra kissing someone black? This should have been on AOL first page! Im tellin ya!


    Grace Reply:

    @Ohhh, I fucking flatlined.


    iL0veee__ Reply:

    @Ohhh, Damm if aint bout nothing negative you people start complaining, saying that this was a waste of time ….. But you click on the post

    *This was soo cute, Bow looks like a candy in a candy shop …. Awww


    Truth Reply:

    @iL0veee__, Dont u mean he looks like a Kid in a candy shop???? Think before you type lol


    trac-ee Reply:

    @Truth, this is the 2nd time they’ve kissed on tv first was a few years back on her show that was cute and playful lol


  2. YoMansKeeper

    just the fact that she liked it and went in for the double dip.

    Tyra ain’t had dik in so long LAWD.


    Jay-Me Reply:

    @YoMansKeeper, Lmao


  3. Cheese



  4. AAA

    Lol that’s mad cute, I gotta respect tyra she was mad smooth in the way she cocked her head up then puckerd up.


  5. 2bad2bme

    bow wow is so cute omg


  6. Darnell

    She blew that Lil boy mind


  7. suze

    The thirst is real


  8. The Shady Truth

    Nothing special here! He kissed her on the Tyra show as well! All this for ratings!? SMH


  9. DOPE


  10. kate

    tyra is fat cow hate this stupid bitch


    Kaaba Reply:

    @kate, whoa anger alert.


    Lil dee Reply:

    @Kaaba, Tyra girl


  11. Lil dee

    I love you Tyra I would put that dick back in her life


  12. KFan

    They are cute together


  13. Onika Miraj

    He is such a midget compared to her.
    It’s like a grown woman making out with a 15 year old boy.


  14. Sushi

    This has COUGAR written all over it!

    When Tyra was 23, he was still a sperm and an egg waiting to be fertilized.


  15. fuk you

    tyra breath prolly smell like shyt


  16. katelovely

    i think Tyra love Bow wow and you people will see that they are dating ..


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