JoJo Sues Blackground Records for Release


JoJo wants out. After being stuck in limbo for seven years, the singer is suing Blackground Records for her release.

According to the New York Daily News, JoJo has filed a lawsuit against Da Family Records and Blackground Records claiming that under New York State law, minors cannot sign contracts that last more than seven years.

JoJo and her parents signed a contract in 2004 when she was 12. She argues that her contract was up in March 2011.

The 22-year-old has had a highly-publicized battle with her label and has not released a commercial album since 2006′s The High Road.

She recorded her third album and even shot the packaging, but the label would never give her a release date. “Blackground Records lost their distribution deal through Interscope, and if you can get the answer from them on why that happened, that would be a miracle,” JoJo told BuzzFeed in May.

In the meantime, she released two free mixtapes including 2010′s Can’t Take That Away From Me and 2012′s Agápē.

Her fans have written to Blackground and organized “Free JoJo” movements on Twitter to bring awareness to her label situation.

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  1. geti

    thats why you dont SIGN CONTRACTS WHEN YOUR TWELVE!!!


    Judge Me Reply:

    @geti, I don’t think that’s quite the moral of the story. She couldn’t have signed the contract as a minor. She would’ve needed her parents consent. JoJo is a phenomenal vocalist and I think that Blackground didn’t want to let go of her talent. Either way, she’s doing what she has to do in order to get out of that situation and I respect her for that.

    Blackground and all affiliates to that label who work with JoJo should pay her BIIIIGGG. So much time has gone by and her last album was in 2006. I could imagine that is incredibly stifling and frustrating for a young person in this industry.



    TRP Reply:

    @geti, If you were 12, had an amazing voice like JoJo did at that age and were offered a RARE 7 album deal I’m sure you wouldn’t pass it up.


    WOW Reply:





  2. Briiiii

    Omg her voice is amazing she needs to be out their more i hope she gets her money


  3. youMAD?stayMAD!

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS, JoJo. do what Toni Braxton did to their ass. they gonna learn today!!!!!


  4. wonderland19

    YAYYYY!!!!!!! God willing she wins this case and they pay her damages. #FREEJOJO


  5. Issa

    ………lmfao ok girl


  6. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    I love her voice I hope everything works out in her favor, She really is amazing and deserves better!


  7. HoneyBFly

    Free Jojo


  8. BEYHIVE2013

    About time! I’m so glad Jojo finally made this move. She’s so talented and the world needs to hear her, not just her die hard fans, everybody! Blackground is wrong and they know it.


  9. eqw

    yo, let the girl live ffs. greedy bastards.


  10. TRP

    I hope it works out, because I’ve been waiting for this album for a long time!


  11. Wow

    That must be beyond frustrating. SMH. JoJo has always had an amazing voice. I can’t wait until she’s free from her old record label and able to release an album. Then she’ll be able to teach these wannabe singers (singers who only have a career because of autotune but have no real talent) how it’s done.


  12. Kyle

    She needs to get out of that deal. Why the hell won’t they just release her!!?? Stop fucking around with true talent. God damn…Good luck JoJo, hope you win!


  13. Usher

    Finally! She’s way too talented for the flop label.


  14. SMH

    Funny, Aaliyah was going through the same thing (protest) a little bit before her death.


    Marc A Reply:

    @SMH, and what makes that crazy is that the head of Blackground is Aaliyah’s uncle and known black mafia affiliate. hope jojo can get free safely.


  15. divinebrown

    about damn time!


  16. Unk

    Blackground messing up again Jojo should be all over the charts with her talent and looks.


  17. Truth

    Blackround records sucks and yeah im going to say it they were responsible for Aaliyahs death. They put her on a damn crop duster plane with a Pilot with Cocaine in his system now they want to treat arguably one of the best Vocalists in the industry like sh*t. Id sue them too. Jojo NEEDS to win this they are puting this girl through hell and the thing about it is she was already going through this situation before. This girl works hard let her release the damn album!!!!!!


  18. LOLatHaters

    Wouldnt the Tina Marie law apply to this?


  19. jeanquila

    now that’s some shit. poor girl, hopefully her legal team can get her out of this.


  20. YouWillDEAL

    Free JoJo #TheEnd


  21. maya

    THANK YOU! She deserves to have her music released. She has fans & people love her music.


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