New Music: 2 Chainz f/ Cap 1 – ‘Where U Been?’

Where U Been?

Following “Feds Watching” with Pharrell, 2 Chainz stacks his paper on his street banger “Where U Been?” featuring Cap 1. The Atlanta rapper drops some flashy rhymes over the tinkering Mike WiLL Made It-produced beat.

“I been gettin’ money, where the fuck you been?” he raps on the catchy hook.

His sophomore album B.O.A.T.S. II: MEtime is due September 10.

Turn up to 2 Chainz new joint below.

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  1. Jay



  2. ChriLaDa



  3. Deejay

    I’m so glad his 15 minutes are almost over so he can hurry up and join the hall of fame with the other greats:
    Lil Zane
    Mc Hammer
    Vanilla Ice
    Bubba Sparxxx
    Mike Jones
    And Tony Yayo

    Bye 2 Lamez!!!!!


    Drama Reply:

    @Deejay, OMG I love chingy lol. But he went in hidding after that transvestite situation.

    Anyway Mr chains better tighten up his bars, if not I heard sams club hiring.


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @Deejay, He has like 20 more features this year. lol


    ok Reply:

    @Deejay, don’t forget soulja boy and gucci mane!


    saint Reply:

    @Deejay, Raekwon??? He is a legend, you simply can’t put him in the same basket with other one (or maybe two) hit wonders that you mentioned.


  4. Aa

    Wow his voice and verse is worth 100k that’s jokes


  5. The Shaded Truth

    Go back to being Tity Boi because 2Chainz is horrid! He does half decent here and there. But he’s always talking about the same lame stuff. Ugh… do something different 2Lyrics or do something else in life.


  6. meme

    this is so horrible. lol, im so embarrass for him. feds was horrible, this is even worst. they better push that album the f back.


  7. bibi93



  8. Jay

    he killed this omg.


  9. Escobar season

    Y’all some haters. Stop hating on hiphop, dummies.


  10. Ras

    What yall complainin? This shit nice IF you like 2Chainz.


  11. ChriLaDa

    Wow! It’s sad to see what’s happened to hip hop the last 3 years. Every single club banger sounds EXACTLY the same they got no soul.


  12. LOLatHaters

    Not bad in my opinion. Way better than Feds Watching….Brought a new crib just to fuck u in!


  13. Jigga

    That’s a nice track coming from 2Chainz we already know what to expect.


  14. ayee

    boring bs..


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