Video: Fat Joe f/ Future – ‘Love Me Long Time’

Fat Joe and Future

As he prepares to serve his four-month sentence behind bars for tax evasion, Fat Joe releases one more video for “Love Me Long Time” featuring Future. As he faces the judge, he also faces a harsh reality back home, when he discovers that his girl is cheating on him.

The clip opens with him in court before he returns home to discover his woman with another man in his house. He kicks her out and throws her stuff out too.

Watch what happens when he finds that his love was never there.

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  1. Al

    Great video! Fat joe bx ts


  2. relvry

    Lets just keep it realits time for my man fat joe to put his pen down… if he’s even writing his own songs *sidewyes He’s just not bringing anything fresh or new to the game and his career is in it’s final stages.


  3. Amigo

    50 u gonna end up dead when u f**king with crack.its like a boomerang LOL


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