New Music: Willow Smith f/ Mecca Kalani – ‘Drowning’

Willow Smith

Willow Smith has come a long way since “Whip My Hair.” After debuting the video for “#SUMMERFLING,” the 12-year-old songstress tells a sad love story on “Drowning” featuring Mecca Kalani. Will and Jada’s daughter channels her raw emotions as she sings about a brokenhearted girl on the piano ballad.

“She was drowning/ He drowned her in her sorrows, but he’s scared to love another/ But he drowned her/ And he’s staring at her body in the river of eternal love,” she sings.

Listen to her somber song below.

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  1. Twitter: malik_tahir97

    I love the song…. but this is scary for a 12 year old!


    Wow Reply:

    @Twitter: malik_tahir97, I agree! This is something you would expect an older person with a lot more life experience to sing….


    Justcoastwitha Reply:

    @Wow, is it really any different than MJ being 9 and leading the Jackson 5 back in the day, singing about things he’s never experienced?

    Lets be a little more open minded guys.


    just thoughts.. Reply:

    @Justcoastwitha, it is different cause.. michael struggled from an early age…. what has willow smith ever wanted that has not been given…. including sad songs to sing bought by pops…. its all a bit wierd…


    wakeup Reply:

    @Justcoastwitha, Its not the same and it has nothing to do with being open minded. How about being open-eyed and realizing that something is wrong here instead of staying in your comfort zone


  2. kate

    ugly girl


  3. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Bitch…wtf I just listen to?


  4. Marii

    Now, Williw can sing! She can sing. She just hangs with a lot of wrist cutters. That’s all.


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  6. MentalPhipps

    How can a 12 year old make such a haunting track like this? wtf


  7. Ice

    Great voice, but I agree that this is too depressing and deep for a 12 year old.


  8. Justcoastwitha

    Y’all are too focused on her age, take the song for what it is. It’s an excellent song.


    dannyz Reply:

    @Justcoastwitha, I agree. It’s a great song and she sounds great singing it. I would wager that she could have even been inspired by a moving novel.


  9. Bobs

    Ain’t nobody listening to this burnt cheeseburger. There are starving children out there. Give the money it cost to make this shit to ppl who need a real damn burger! I mean… I want at least a reality show about daddy war bucks here pouring millions of dollars into movies and music to make his kids stars and getting flops….


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