Jay Z Performs ‘Tom Ford’ at Beyoncé’s Brooklyn Show

Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Beyoncé closed out the first leg of her North American tour with the last of three shows at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Monday. After performing “Bow Down,” BK’s own Jay Z joined his wife on stage for “Tom Ford.” The crowd cheered as Bey stood by her man and provided ad libs. She kissed her hubby before he walked offstage.

Her sister Solange was in the crowd, tweeting, “My sister literally just wrecked that show. She is simply, the best.”

The “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” continues to Latin America and Australia next before returning to the U.S. in December.

Watch Mr. and Mrs. Carter shut down Brooklyn below.

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  1. Mano

    King and Queen of Hip Hop. Bow down bitches….


    from france! Reply:

    FIRST I will never bow down to any singer

    2nd, Ciara is better than her in live


    Onika Miraj Reply:

    @from france!, Lol, you know you wrong for that. Ciara can dance, but her vocals are not as strong as Bey’s. Bey sings, dances, and puts on a SHOW for her fans. She will go all out and actually make her concerts more than just “sing-a-couple-of-songs-and-dance-to-them”.

    I’m pretty sure if Ciara was better than her in live, she would’ve been the one doing the SuperBowl show (or as I would like to call it, The Beyonce Concert That Had A Football Game)


    from france! Reply:

    @Onika Miraj,

    beyonce scream, Ciara SING


  2. Damn

    So awesome! Their chemistry > Might as well do a joint tour soon!


  3. Marii Knowles

    Muthaaaaaa!!!!! I love this Forbes first billionaire celebrity couple in the music industry couple! Beyoncé is literally the best performer aside of Gaga and Madonna and Pink.


    troof Reply:

    @Marii Knowles, Pink? in 2013?

    lmaaaoooo dumb white bitch


    Marii Knowles Reply:

    @troof, I’m actually black and I was being funny when I said that…but ok.


    from france! Reply:

    @troof, racist bitch

    what do you do in americaaaaa???


    truth(HUN-TAE nicki re up FLOOOOOPED LIKE HELL..u mad? BRWAAAHAHAHAHLOLOLOL chile) Reply:

    @Marii Knowles, hunky!!


  4. Natalie

    Love the smile on Bey face. You can tell there madly in love.


  5. Bow Down

    This whole 7-8 minutes was everything , none better than Queen Bey.


  6. Go Home

    I don’t pop Molly but i rock Houston finest Lmao


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  8. Kyle

    I wish I was there…even though the audio sucked on this video because people were screaming so loud I still never took my eyes away for a second.


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  10. SdotB

    I was there by the stage, amazing show…she put it DOWN!!!! When Jay came out, everyone went CRAZYYYY! It was like a big party…this was my 3rd or 4th time seeing her in person and she looks more beautiful each time!


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