Video: Fergie, Q-Tip, & GoonRock – ‘A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)’


Fergie throws a ’20s style party in the vintage video for “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got).” The pregnant Black Eyed Peas singer transforms into a flapper girl as she performs at L.A.’s Emerson Theatre, while Q-Tip and GoonRock provide the soundtrack. She flirts with the fellas and gets glammed up for her big night in the bright lights.

The song is the latest single off The Great Gatsby soundtrack, which also features Jay Z, Beyoncé, André 3000, Lana Del Rey, and Emeli Sandé.

Put on your formalwear and party with Fergie Ferg.

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  1. fa

    US dance makes me laugh!
    Over the days of fierce Hex Hector, Morales and Vasquez dance mixes!
    This is the lowest form of musical existence in Europe … upcycled by the majors record labels for the dumb Americans who think this type of music is new, innovative and edgy!
    This is the type of music Germans listened to 20 years ago in commercial trashy clubs in the east right after communism!


    anti-Fa Reply:

    @fa, Oh do shut up! You pretentious music elitist. So what you know music history! We all applaud you.


    XO till we overdose... Reply:

    @fa, Music is an art form. It’s an expression of emotion. There are no right and wrong answers when it comes to music. You could know everything about music history, but your ignorance and close-mindedness means that you will never understand music.

    This isn’t America vs. Europe. It’s open-minded individuals vs. ignorant individuals. I’m afraid that you’re in the latter category.


    fa Reply:

    @XO till we overdose…,
    let’s not pretend this is intellectual music!
    It is the lowest form of electronic noise pollution!

    A whole generation of kids is growing up to this trash while they cut on music education.
    This is a serious issue!
    People get record deals and endorsement deals even before they have released a song.
    This blog belongs to a record company…Think about it before you call me ignorant.
    We are being force fed with this trash and young singer/songwriters with actual talent are lacking support and are doing day jobs to be able to survive.

    Generation zero!

    Learning music history helps…Try it!


  2. ddd

    FINALLY!! fergie i love u so much!
    Miss you! :)


  3. bibi93

    One of the best track of Gatsby 4′sure


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